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Ascan Metalite Shirt short sleeve

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Fully made from 0.5mm laminated (clad) Neoprene

with MetaliteSkin® inner coating.
MetaliteSkin® is made from 0.5mm laminated Neoprene with a special, insulating Metalite inner coating to shield your body from low temperatures. MetaliteSkin® shirts are ideally worn underneath your Neoprene suit or simply by themselves on warmer days

Size : L

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Ascan Metalite Shirt short sleeve

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This model was specifically designed for men. Women look in our "related products" section below. You will find the according female version on the very left.


  • Warming MetaliteSkin® inner coating
  • 0.5 mm strong neoprene
  • Ideally worn under your neoprene suit
  • Reliable protection against cold
  • Very inexpensive
  • High comfort
  • For the coldest days

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Short sleeve

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