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Windsurf board Exocet U-Surf

Windsurf board Exocet U-Surf

Volume 68L, 76L, 86L

The philosophy of the board is to provide maximum speed in all-round wave conditions, together with a reduced rail shape making the board turn on a dime for radical wave manoeuvres, and making these benefits accessible to all wave sailors.

Windsurf boardbag 250 x 80 Unifiber Mini

Boardbag 250 x 80 Mini

Unifiber boardbags are equipped with 6mm padding on top and bottom. Extra reinforcement is applied in the tail and nose section were 12 mm padding is used. All our boardbags are equipped with high quality zippers.

On the road or in storage, you need to keep your board safe from harm.

This simple, lightweight boardbag, made from a wear-and-tear resistant tarpaulin, forms an effective protection layer against scratches and dings.

Long zipper makes it easy to insert the board and a generous length fin slot still allows the fin to remain mounted.

WindSUP Quatro Glide / Pro

WindSUP Quatro Glide / Pro

The new Glide Pro is more surfing oriented throughout all its sizes. Keith Teboul’s idea for the Glide Pro was to create something easy, stable and fast to paddle, yet it has a shining spark in its wave maneuverability.

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