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Inflatable Windsurf / Wing board Unifiber Impulse

1,689 Lv

Inflatable Windsurf / Wing board  Unifiber Impulse

The Impulse inflatable wing boards are designed for those who are beginning their wingfoiling journey.
Ample width, generous volume and inflatable construction make these boards super comfortable and easy to start, and assist with take-off.
The extra rocker on the nose makes for softer and safer touchdowns.

The bigger 6’0 model features an insert for the baseplate so can also be used as a windfoiling board.

3.5 Ascan Pro Rigg

790 Lv

 3.5 Ascan Pro Rigg

Hochwertiges Jugend- und Damensegel (bis 50kg) aus verstärktem Monofilm mit stabiler Gabel und zweiteiligem RDM Epoxymast (ab 2,5qm) Riggs werden mit Tampenset und Skinnyadapter geliefert in einem Karton verpackt.

Windsurf board Goya Custom Quad Pro

Windsurf board Goya Custom Quad Pro

This is it. The latest and greatest evolution from our two world champions Marcilio Browne and Francisco Goya. The Custom 4 Pro is the ultimate pro model wave board, straight from their board bag to yours, a custom performance board put into production. Carrying the MB initials for a reason.