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  • Clothes

    Sport and fashion garments.

    Shirts, pants, quick-drying shirts, skirts, dresses, hats, socks, jackets and Clothes. Children's clothing

  • Hiking sports shoes

    Hiking sports shoes.

    Summer and winter children's shoes.

  • Sunglasses


    Polarized, polycarbonate glasses for extreme and water sports.

  • Thermal underwear

    Thermal underwear

    bamboo, synthetic and antibacterial.

  • Masks for skiing and...

    Masks for skiing and snowboarding

    Different plates lights, night skiing and sun with UV protection. Children's masks.

  • Helmets

    Winter sports helmets.

    Children's ski and snowboard helmets with circumference correction. Removable inner part, sturdy and lightweight construction.

  • Rashguards with UV...

    Rashguards, Sunguards and Chillguards.

    Children's wetsuits and rashguards with UV protection.

  • Wetsuits

    Wetsuits nad neoprene bottoms

    Children's neoprene wetsuits.
  • Neoprene gloves and boots

    Reinforced neoprene gloves, neoprene boots and beach shoes

    Children's models. Beanies (bonnets) and socks.

  • Helmets for water sports

    Helmets for water sports.

    Protective helmets for children.

  • Life jackets

    Life jackets and Protector's jackets for extreme water sports

    Wakeboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking and yachting. Children's life jackets.
  • Swimwear

    Men's, women's and children's swimwear, board shorts

    fast dry, UV protection.

  • Shoes

    Outdoor sports shoes, sandals and flip flops. Children's sandals.

  • Swimming

    Swimming hats, swimming goggles and accessories. Children's suits, swimming hats and swimming glasses.

  • Diving

    Scuba Diving

    flippers, masks, weights, belts, jackets, bottles, harpoons and accessories for underwater fishing.

  • Hermetic Cases and Bags

    Hermetic Cases and Bags

    Suitable for protection against water for phone, clothes, documents, radios, laptop and GPS.

  • Protectors and knee pads

    Protectors and knee pads

    Extreme sports protectors. Volleyball knee pads.
  • Sports

    Other sports - table tennis, badminton

    basketball, volleyball, soccer, hiking, yoga and gymnastics.

  • Windsurfing accessories

    Windsurfing accessories

    straps, extentions, fin screws, Dacron and monofilm patches, helmets, ropes, wind gauge.

  • Harnesses

    Kite and windsurf harnesses

    and harness lines.

  • Kitesurfing & Wing

    Kitesurfing boards, kites, wing and accessories

    Wakeboard and Kiteboarding bags, fins, straps and bars. Wingfoil boards and wings.

  • Windsurfing

    Windsurfing equipment - masts, booms, accessories, boards and sails. SUP - paddle boards.

  • Wakeboard, Surf and...

    Wakeboard, Surf, kayak and Bodyboard


  • Used equipment

    Used equipment

    boards, sails, booms, masts, extensions and other accessories. Kites, SUP, windsurf, wakeboards, ski and snowboards.

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Men's tracksuit Joluvi Sambil - 1
  • -86 Lv

Men's tracksuit Joluvi Sambil

145 Lv 59 Lv -86 Lv
Availability: 111 In Stock

Men's tracksuit Joluvi Sambil

has been created in the perfect subdued shades for optimum versatility. The interlock fabric provides the best in breathability with absorbency, whilst never losing its shape.

Cuffed sleeves and waistband will always keep the warm air in and the cold air firmly out.

Swimming Silicone cap Spokey 82276

15 Lv
Availability: 207 In Stock

Swimming Silicone cap Spokey 82276.


  • Junior - designed for children.
  • Quality - made ​​of high quality 100% silicone for comfort to fit the head, increased resistance to chlorine is a guarantee of long use.
  • Design –  image of flowing fish.
Helmet Liquid Force ICON blue - 1
  • -21 Lv

Helmet Liquid Force ICON blue

140 Lv 119 Lv -21 Lv
Availability: 111 In Stock

Helmet Liquid Force ICON blue

is loaded with features combining style, comfort, and adjustability. Best known for its open vent holes for optimum ventilation and drainage, and our fit system.

Men's jacket Sphere Pro Armin - 1
  • -40 Lv

Men's jacket Sphere Pro Armin

199 Lv 159 Lv -40 Lv
Availability: 111 In Stock

Men's jacket Sphere Pro Armin

Description: Black inverted central zip, removable hood, 3 pockets with reflective inverted zippers, chin guard, girdle cuffs, adjustable elastic drawstring at the hem, rubberized logo on the sleeve, mesh lining inside.

Composition: Softshell 300 grs. NON-WATER REPELLENT FABRIC.

Features: Comfortable, comfortable, pleasant touch, breathable.

Dry Bag Dry Case

19 Lv
Availability: 579 In Stock

Dry Bag Dry Case

Keeps your gear dry and protected from dirt, dust and will even float if you drop it over the side! Аffords protection and peace of mind for all watersports users

Wakeboard and Water Ski Rope 15"

89 Lv
Availability: 203 In Stock

This wakeboard rope has a head turning 15in.

Squid patterned EVA-wrapped grip with a floating aluminum core. The 5/16 inch, 16 strand, UV treated low stretch rope has 3 sections for wakeboarding at 45, 55 or 65 feet (45, 10, 10). Full length finger guards help create a comfortable split finger grip. A Rope Keeper is included for tangle free storage.

Kid's life vest Aropec Little Seahorse - 1
  • -40 Lv

Kid's life vest Aropec Little Seahorse

129 Lv 89 Lv -40 Lv
Availability: 111 In Stock

Kid's buoyancy aid Aropec Little Seahorse AVT-HD1782C-USCG

is quick and easy to get on/off while giving a secure fit during use with the adjustable webbing thigh straps and webbed belt. Up to 23kg this jacket is suitable for all types of water sports.


  • Supersoft, lightweight PVC foam
  • Fully adjustable webbed belt
  • Adjustable webbing thigh straps
  • Elasticated snug fit waist
  • Highly durable seams
Sunglasses GUL CZ PRO BKRE - 1
  • -50 Lv

Sunglasses GUL CZ PRO BKRE

149 Lv 99 Lv -50 Lv
Availability: 206 In Stock

Sunglasses GUL CZ PRO BKRE

The Gul CZ Pro Floating Sunglasses are an supurb accessory for your sailing kit. Designed for use on the water, they are floatable with light, tough and flexible frames made from Grilamind TR90. Their Polarized lenses are glare free and give 100% ultraviolet protection.

Helmet Spokey Columbia Black - 1
  • -60 Lv

Helmet Spokey Columbia Black

199 Lv 139 Lv -60 Lv
Availability: 110 In Stock

Helmet Spokey Columbia Black

We set the highest standards for our products, that is why it was made with care for the smallest details, and its modern design will suit any winter outfit. Thanks to the subdued colors, it will be perfect for both women and men. A safe and comfortable helmet will provide you with comfort and safety during winter madness. Efficient, regulated ventilation, efficiently dissipates excess heat.

In the COLUMBIA ski helmet, we used Head Lock technology, i.e. easy adjustment, which allows you to perfectly fit the helmet to your head. Safety is paramount, which is why In-Mold Technology appears - shock-absorbing inner EPS layer injected into the outer hard, polycarbonate shell. Thanks to this, the helmet is safe and light at the same time.

Swimming suit  Georgo's - 1
  • -12 Lv

Swimming suit Georgo's

24 Lv 12 Lv -12 Lv
Availability: 111 In Stock

Swimming suit Georgo's.

The swimming suit is made from high quality and quick dry fabrics. Colours and pictures could be different from these on the photo.

Gaiters Joluvi New Elast Black

48 Lv
Availability: 98 In Stock

Gaiters Joluvi New Elast Black

•Breathable waterproof fabric.
•Designed with adjustable elastic band and snap fastener for convenient and firm bundling.
•Velcro and zip for easier putting on and taking off.
•Full length rear entry zip, absolutely waterproof.
•Abrasion resistant tread strap.

Material: GDL001 Polyester Fabric
Length: 33cm(approx.)