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Ascan - Accessories for windsurf, kitesurf and other water sports.

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Rashguard Ascan long sleeve black - 1
  • -20 Lv

Rashguard Ascan long sleeve black

89 Lv 69 Lv -20 Lv

Wetsuit Rashguard Ascan long sleeve black

Not only limited to UV-inhibiting textile use, sun protective clothing may also adhere to specific design parameters – including styling appropriate to full coverage of the skin most susceptible to UV damage. Long sleeves, full collars, and full-length trousers and skirts are common styles for clothing as a sun protective measure

Windsurf base / mastfoot Ascan Pro

99 Lv

Windsurf base plate / mastfoot Ascan Euro pin

Mast Base is supplied with the new super stiff heavy duty Boge joint.
The Heavy Duty base is suitable for Racing, Freeride, Freestyle and Waves.

The Top Pin is the industry standard and compatible(since about 1995) with North Pin,Mistral,F2,Fanatic ,Neil Pryde U-Base,JP,Hifly,bic,RRD,Tiga, simple ajustment (no tools requiered). Super stiff heavy duty Boge joint with security strap.

Ascan Metalite Shirt short sleeve - 1
  • -60 Lv

Ascan Metalite Shirt short sleeve

129 Lv 69 Lv -60 Lv

Fully made from 0.5mm laminated (clad) Neoprene

with MetaliteSkin® inner coating.
MetaliteSkin® is made from 0.5mm laminated Neoprene with a special, insulating Metalite inner coating to shield your body from low temperatures. MetaliteSkin® shirts are ideally worn underneath your Neoprene suit or simply by themselves on warmer days

3.5 Ascan Pro Rigg

790 Lv

 3.5 Ascan Pro Rigg

Hochwertiges Jugend- und Damensegel (bis 50kg) aus verstärktem Monofilm mit stabiler Gabel und zweiteiligem RDM Epoxymast (ab 2,5qm) Riggs werden mit Tampenset und Skinnyadapter geliefert in einem Karton verpackt.

Rope FSE Sirius 4мм

3 Lv

Rope FSE Sirius 4мм.

Among double braided Polyester ropes, Sirius 500 is known for its
high breaking loads and minimal stretch. For this classic rope
model, only premium quality Polyester is used as raw material.

Ascan Superflex 5mm titanium boots

135 Lv

5mm strong titanium coated Neoprene shoe with ultra-flexible special sole

The ASCAN Superflex was specifically designed to grant its proud owner a maximum amount of flexibility.
Its advantages include the eponymous, thin special sole which will get you to a new level of control and barefoot feeling at the same time.