• Airhead


    Airhead - Wakeboards and accessories, kneeboard, kayak and other equipment for water sports.


  • Alpine Pro

    Alpine Pro

    Accessories for sports, shoes, garments, hiking sports equipment. Snowboard and ski helmets, masks, jackets and pants.


  • Aropec
  • Ascan


    Ascan - Accessories for windsurf, kitesurf and other water sports.


  • Bare


    Wetsuits and neoprene accessories. Fins, masks and snorkels.


  • Bars


    Bars - Thermal underwear.

  • Beuchat


    Beuchat - sprear fishing, wetsuits, neoprene accessories and wading.

  • CrossKites
  • Dare 2b

    Dare 2b

    Dare 2b

    We believe in the energy of sport. In the adrenaline of every heart beat. In the bravery of every goal.

    • We are not limited by the impossible
    • or ever satisfied by where we are at.
    • We take the lead and push further.
    • We search for the adventure.
    • We take the risk.
    • We seek the thrills.
    • We dare to live.
    • WE DARE TO BE.
  • DaSilva Kiteboarding

    DaSilva Kiteboarding

    DaSilva Kiteboarding - http://dasilvakiteboarding.com/

  • Exocet


    Windsurf boards, SUP, sails, masts, booms, accessories.


  • Fashy


    Fashy established its Business centre in Münchingen in 1986.

    Trendy bath- & swimwear for the whole family - highest quality at a fair price.
    Fashionable, sportive and for every family member – ladies, men, boys and girls.

  • Golfinho Sports

    Golfinho Sports

    Golfinho Sports

  • Goya


    Goya - windsurfing equipment.

    With the rest of the team it is now over 25 years that we live Windsurfing, everything we do, where we live, travel, work, etc is somehow connected to the sport and we are bringing that across through our products and company.Welcome ! Francisco Goya

  • GUL


    GUL - wetsuits, watersports equipment.

  • Hannah


    Hannah - sports accessories, equipment for skiing, snowboarding and hiking. Hiking shoes and sandals, tents, jackets and trousers with membrane. Children's clothing and footwear.

  • HB SurfKite

    HB SurfKite

    HB SurfKite

    The first brand entirely dedicated to Strapless, without compromising on the quality and performance of its products.

    HB SURF is a French strapless brand created by Hervé Bouré, Multiple Kitesurf World Champion and Strapless Precursor
  • Jobe


    Jobe is for everyone. We are a community, a global movement, a family of real people, who are discovering the beauty of watersports. We create unforgettable #jobemoments for everyone since 1974.

  • Joluvi


    Traditional sports brand divided In 3 different collections. WINTER, especlallsed In winter sports. OUTDOOR, focused on mountaineering, trekking and outdoor and Equipment for sports clubs.

  • Liquid Force

    Liquid Force

    Liquid Force- Wakeboard, kitesurf equipment.

    Kite: http://liquidforcekites.com

    Wakeboard: http://liquidforce.com

  • LoftSails


    Windsurf equipment: Sails, booms, masts and accessories.


  • Maui Fin Company

    Maui Fin Company

    Maui Fin Company - Fins and windsurf equipment and accessories.


  • Mosconi


    Related to water activities. COMPETITION, high competition swimming line. FINA approved swimsuits allowed for international competitions. TRIATHLON, specialised line. SUMMER, beach wear and accessories.

    Mosconi competition

    Mosconi is specialist in Competition Swimming products and a pioneer in swimming goggles development in the past.

  • Orange


    Orange - Impact vests, helmets, back protectors

  • Peter Lynn (PLKB)

    Peter Lynn (PLKB)

    Born in 1946, Peter Lynn started flying kites at a young age. He began his career as an engineer, graduated BE Mech Hons in 1969 and began working full time in the kite field in 1971. He has been a leading innovator and a driving force in international kiting industry ever since.

  • Prestige


    Prestige Swimmwear.

  • Quatro


    Quatro - Windsurf boards.

  • Regatta


    When our adventure began, there were just 12 of us. It was 1981.

    Back then the outdoors was about intrepid explorers, but we just wanted to open our front door and have fun. And we wanted everyone else out there with us too.

    So we made great products that people could afford, clothing to get them outside and enjoying the fresh air without worrying what it would cost. That’s still what counts for us.

  • Relax


    Relax - high quality eye ewar, ski goggles, snowboardhelmets.

  • Reptile Sports

    Reptile Sports

    Andrea Cella, Reptile Sports brand manager.

    He started the brand in 2003, and from 2008 to 2020 he was involved in the IMAC Windsurfing Masts Program, with a role of sales manager reaching important goals, winning PWA championships working very close with many sailmakers and PWA top riders

  • Seac Sub

    Seac Sub

    Seac - Scuba diving equipment, spearfishing.

    Seac is certainly a firm that sets benchmarks in the diving sector. Founded in 1971 as the brainchild of Attilio Rapallini and Marco Arata, more recently – thanks to the support of his son Daniele – the company is embarking on an important strategic renewal on several fronts: from the enrichment of the product lines to the expansion of the corporate organigram, from the repositioning of its image to the technological evolution in production

  • Soöruz


    Soöruz - blouses with UV protection, Protector jackets and other accessories for water sports.

  • Sphere Pro

    Sphere Pro

    Sport and hiking equipment.

    Site: https://sphere-pro.com

  • Spokey


    Spokey - accessories for sports. Yoga and fitness mats, supplies for hiking, swimming caps, goggles and accessories. Sports gloves, helmets and protectors. Balls for football, volleyball and basketball.


  • Suntribe


    Suntribe was started in Sweden by the three outdoor loving friends Karl, Hampus and Julia

  • Unifiber


    Windsurf equipment and accessories. Masts, booms, bags and harnesses.

  • Zagano


    Zagano is a brand specialising in bathing and sports fashion and has been on the market since 1991. Our goal is to design and manufacture high-quality swimwear and sportswear with excellent quality and interesting design.

  • Zeeko Kites

    Zeeko Kites

    Nicolas Caillou learned kiteboarding in 1998 and was brand manager of one of the biggest kiteboarding brand in the world. In 2008, he left the company to start his own, ZEEKO KITES.

    Involved in R&D and marketing, Nicolas has only one goal : create and develop the most performant, reliable and fun stuff to ride.

  • Други


    Other manufacturers of sports equipment

  • Употребявано оборудване

    Употребявано оборудване

    Used equipment - Windsurf, kitesurf, wakeboard, snowboard, surf, SUP