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Andrea Cella, Reptile Sports brand manager.

He started the brand in 2003, and from 2008 to 2020 he was involved in the IMAC Windsurfing Masts Program, with a role of sales manager reaching important goals, winning PWA championships working very close with many sailmakers and PWA top riders

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Mast RDM Reptile Fibra 430cm 80% Carbon - 1

Mast RDM Reptile Fibra 430cm 80% Carbon

RDM Reptile Fibra 430cm 80% Carbon

The FIBRA RDM 80 HARDCORE is an update to the legendary PYTHON 80 mast. Still the same weight, now stronger. Mixing an innovative epoxy matrix to the T700 carbon fibers, we obtained a mast with superior mechanical properties in terms of compression and torsion. The boom area is now reinforced with an exclusive CBX Carbon ply, a special bi-axial carbon fiber that improves the durability of the mast. The new connection ferrule is thicker and made with the expensive T900 Carbon fiber. Compatible with the 95% of the sail brands of the market, the winner in the most dangerous wave spot of the World such Jaws and Cabo Verde.

Mast RDM Reptile Fibra 430cm 40% Carbon - 1

Mast RDM Reptile Fibra 430cm 40% Carbon

RDM Reptile Fibra 430cm 40% Carbon

Worthy of pro riders, budget shredders and beginners alike, the REPTILE FIBRA 40, with 40% carbon content, is the best value in the RDM masts today. We have used the prepreg technology and kept the whole production in Italy, which ensures and guarantees the top quality that is the trademark of every Reptile Sports product. Compatible with the 95% of the sail brands of the market.

Wing set Reptile - 1

Wing set Reptile

Wing set Reptile

The Bora Wing is a versatile wing, easy to control, with intuitive handling and incredible stability, regardless of wind conditions. Designed for maximum lift possible.

Designed to have an out of the ordinary lift thanks to its two lateral tips raised with respect to the central strut, the Bora wing captures the wind that you need to lift yourself on the foil thanks to the deep profile, and then release it immediately giving you lightness and total control.

Wing board Reptile I-UFO 5’10 - 1
  • -175 Lv

Wing board Reptile I-UFO 5’10

1,650 Lv 1,475 Lv -175 Lv

Wing board Reptile I-UFO 5’10

The brand new I-UFO has landed to entertain you, both in wingfoil and sup. Thanks to the extension of the double US BOX box inserted inside the board, the sensation of control in flight is comparable to a composite board. Basically we have two boards joined together: a stiff composite boards combined with the most advanced SUP tech. Available in 4 sizes, from 110 to 170 liters, the I-UFO is an unbeatable solution for those who want maximum comfort for traveling and no problem of breakage. Ideal for both experienced riders and beginners.

Comes with a comfortable padded backpack that has room for your board, foil, wing, paddle and other accessories to go out on the water. A double action compressor and 3 ultralight foot straps are supplied as standard.

Reptile R-FOIL HIGH 2000 - 1

Reptile R-FOIL HIGH 2000

Reptile R-FOIL HIGH 2000

The R-FOIL HIGH program includes two foils in the “High aspect” category designed exclusively for speed and high performance, without obviously negatively affecting stability and lift. It is the result of a full year of work, research & test. This foil consolidates everything we were looking for: early lift, speed and ease of use. It is ideal for wingfoiling, sup/surf and downwinders.
We confirmed the super stiff ergal mast, now available also in 90 cm and the fuselage of the R-Foil Classic, that withstands the pressure given by the wings during transitions and jumps. The new high aspect / full carbon R-FOIL HIGH front wing is able to match performance and accessibility for truly all levels of riders.