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Basketball Spokey Cross - 1

Basketball Spokey Cross

35 Lv


A classic basketball characterised by the typical size and weight. A rubber basketball for indoor and outdoor use. A professional training, also for recreational use.

For indoor as well as outdoor use.


  • Material: rubber
  • Size : 7 (749-762 mm)
  • Weight: 567-623 g
Volleyball Spokey Bullet

Volleyball Spokey Bullet

35 Lv

The SPOKEY Bullet volleyball is designed for school play and leisure entertainment. The ball is made of soft, synthetic material and is designed for indoor play.

Made for recreational players and training. 2.5 mm foam makes the ball softer and reduces impact. It is made in a classic size 5, suitable for adults. high-quality design 2.5 mm thick foam layer for professional volleyball trainings and other recreational activities

Product features:
  • Volleyball ball
  • Aerodynamic shape.
  • Construction covered with 2 mm foam.
  • Latex-butyl bladder.
Pump needles Spokey 5pcs - 1

Pump needles Spokey 5pcs

5 Lv

Pump needles 5pcs

Set of pump needles

A set of five steel needles for ball pumps.


For use with pumps featuring replaceable needles.

  • Material: steel
  • standard diameter and thread
Quick Jump Spokey Rope - 1
  • -6 Lv

Quick Jump Spokey Rope

19 Lv 13 Lv -6 Lv

Quick Jump Spokey Rope.

Materials – high quality, which increases the strength of the ropes.

Simplicity – a jump rope made ​​of simple materials: wood and rope

Ergonomic handles – specially contoured handles are in good hands.


  • slender silhouette
  • burn fat
  • build leg muscle
Table tennis balls Spokey Lerner orange - 1

Table tennis balls Spokey Lerner orange

6 Lv

Table tennis balls Lerner orange

Spokey Special 1-Star table tennis balls for the beginers has measures 4mm coming diameter. Seamless balls. Set of 6 pieces of balls. Weight: 2,37-2,60g. Available in orange colour.

Table tennis balls Spokey Special orange - 1

Table tennis balls Spokey Special orange

9 Lv

Table tennis balls Special


We set high requirements for our equipment and therefore we make our best effort to make sure that only the highest quality materials are used for manufacturing it.


  • Weight: 2,65-2,94 g
  • Hardness: 0,40 mm
  • Diameter: 40 mm (+/- 0,4 mm)
  • Set: 6 pic
  • ***
  • Color: Orange
Football Spokey Mercury

Football Spokey Mercury

29 Lv

Spokey MERCURY football

We know that it is good to stand out, which is why we pay special attention to refined design. In the Mercury model, the classic white of the panels has been visually enriched with a three-dimensional structure. Strong color accents add character to the ball.

Durable construction

The ball is made of durable synthetic material (PVC), perfect for everyday games and training on grass fields. The panels of the ball have been machine-sewn, which guarantees the reliability and durability of the stitching. This model is composed of panels with a classic, hexagonal shape.

Convenient pumping

Spokey balls can be pumped using both a pump and a compressor. For the best bounce of the ball, inflate it according to the information on the valve or on the packaging.

size: 5 (680-700 mm)

Spokey Candy Rope II 920977 - 1

Spokey Candy Rope II 920977

19 Lv

Spokey Candy Rope II 920977

Adjustable length – rope length adjustment possible in a very simple and fast way.
Materials – high quality, which increases the strength of the ropes. Comfortable plastic handle. rich colors

Yoga mat Spokey Hamsa II - 1

Yoga mat Spokey Hamsa II

35 Lv

Yoga mat Spokey Hamsa II

HAMSA is a must-have for every yoga practitioner and home exercise lover. It provides excellent insulation from the ground, and training with its use becomes even more comfortable!