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Unifiber SUP Coil Leash 8
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Unifiber SUP Coil Leash 8

49 Lv

A strong and comfortable leash for flat-water SUP.
When the tension reduces, the leash coils neatly staying out of the way and reducing water drag.
The leg strap features soft neoprene padding and a hidden key pocket.

  • Comfortable neoprene inner layer
  • Strong velcro closing
  • Coiled string
  • Key pocket

Women's slippers Fashy Aqua Club Rose
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Women's slippers Fashy Aqua Club Rose

35 Lv 29 Lv -6 Lv

Women's slippers made from a single piece, extremely durable. The ergonomic shape features upturned edges for a snug fit on the feet. Fashy Aqua Club slippers are made entirely of silicone and are not only very comfortable, but also quick-drying, and the material does not slip on wet surfaces.

Additional details:

  • Type: Women's slippers
  • Material: Silicone
  • Construction: One-piece design
  • Features: Ergonomic shape, upturned edges, quick-drying, non-slip material
  • Certification: TÜV certified
  • Origin: Made in Germany

Exocet FreeWing
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Exocet FreeWing

1,789 Lv 1,189 Lv -600 Lv
The brand new range of boards, Freewing, takes all the know-how of Exocet in terms of shape and foil board. 
Thus, the Freewing boards have been developed with the main objective of being easy to access, while being versatile and high performance.

They will support you throughout your progression. The new volume distribution provides great stability at standstill, which makes the Freewing very accessible and facilitates the take-off phase by positioning the foil ideally for take-off.

The Freewing is ultra accessible, ideal for beginners, and will accompany you throughout your progression. It is also ultra versatile and allows you to freeride Windfoil thanks to its foot rail.
Wing foil kit, wing, foil, pump, leash, and inflatable board
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Wing foil kit, wing, foil, pump, leash, and...

2,890 Lv

LoftSails Wingnut is a versatile wing that is easy to use, has intuitive handling, and incredible stability, regardless of wind conditions.

It is an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile, easy-to-use, and stable wing. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders.


  • Easy to use: Suitable for beginners and intermediate riders.
  • Intuitive handling: Easy to maneuver and control.
  • Incredible stability: Provides a smooth and confident ride.
  • Deep profile: Generates power and lift.
  • Light and maneuverable: Provides full control.
  • Suitable for rapid progression: Allows you to improve quickly.

Reptile Aqua Lift
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Reptile Aqua Lift

Reptile Aqua Lift

Rise above the waters with the most accessible foil on the market: the Aqua Lift Foil. Perfect for beginners, it offers stability and ease of learning. With an intuitive design and lightweight materials, anyone can learn to lift off the water in just a week, experiencing an exciting and accessible wing foil adventure. Thanks to optimized proportions, the front wing ensures stability, while a longer fuselage promotes learning. The refined stabilizer ensures precise control. Combining advanced design and intuition, this foil promises to be the ideal future for beginners, facilitating rapid progression in the world of hydrofoil. Don't miss the opportunity to take flight with Aqua Lift and start your wing foil journey today!

Men's summer sandals Alpine Pro Gerf
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Sandals Alpine Pro Gerf

139 Lv 99 Lv -40 Lv

GERF Men's Summer Sandals: Comfort and Style for City or Nature

GERF men's summer sandals are perfect for both a leisurely stroll through the city or an adventurous hike in nature. They will provide you with comfort and convenience all day long.

  • Made from a durable, easy-to-clean material that is resistant to wear and tear.
  • Soft EVA anatomical footbed conforms to your foot for excellent support and comfort.
  • High-quality rubber outsole provides good traction on a variety of terrains.
  • Velcro straps ensure a secure and adjustable fit.
  • The combination of a perfect design, decorative stitching, and logo creates a stylish look that will set you apart from the crowd.

GERF sandals are a great choice for men looking for a comfortable, stylish, and practical shoe for the summer months.

Socks Alpine Pro Derere
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Socks Alpine Pro Derere

45 Lv 35 Lv -10 Lv

DERERE Unisex Merino Socks

  • Made from breathable, quick-drying, flexible, and well-insulating material with merino wool content.
  • Merino fibers are characterized by excellent breathability and antibacterial properties.
  • The functional socks with a relatively low cut have practical reinforcement in the foot area and an elastic knit in the arch area. The construction prevents slipping, which is particularly desirable during strenuous mountain hikes and outdoor trips. These socks are made in the Czech Republic.
  • Composition: 55% Merino, 41% Polyamide, 4% Elastane
Socks Alpine Pro Erate
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Socks Alpine Pro Erate

45 Lv 35 Lv -10 Lv

ERATE High-Quality Outdoor Socks for Men and Women

  • Made from breathable, quick-drying, elastic, and warm material with 55% merino wool.
  • Merino wool is a natural material that is characterized by excellent breathability and antibacterial properties.
  • The functional socks with a higher cut are reinforced in the foot and have an elastic ankle cuff that prevents slipping.
  • Suitable for hiking, mountain trekking and other outdoor activities.
  • Available in various color combinations.
  • Made in the Czech Republic.
  • 55% Merino, 43% Polyamid, 2% Elastane

Women's T-shirt Alpine Pro NERGA
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Women's T-shirt Alpine Pro NERGA

39 Lv 29 Lv -10 Lv

Women's cotton T-shirt NERGA can be used all year round for wearing in the city and in the countryside. The T-shirt from the Czech brand NAX is comfortable and soft to the touch. The semi-fitted cut fits perfectly and does not restrict movement. The print on the chest will also impress.

Material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane