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Nicolas Caillou learned kiteboarding in 1998 and was brand manager of one of the biggest kiteboarding brand in the world. In 2008, he left the company to start his own, ZEEKO KITES.

Involved in R&D and marketing, Nicolas has only one goal : create and develop the most performant, reliable and fun stuff to ride.

His PhD graduation (dedicated in mathematical model analysis) and his sport level push Nicolas to develop product with a high level approach. He is one of the best rider / designer of the world and he is able to push himself the limit of the products.
When the other company needs a rider + a designer, Nicolas is both.


"Kiteboarding is a passion, my target is to develop this sport at the highest level in terms of performance and technology"


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Kite Zeeko Notus REV V11

Zeeko Notus REV V11

We are proud to announce the release of the V11 Notus REV. This new version is focused on reactivity and power management.
For this version, we started from a blank sheet. After 4 generations of Notus REV optimizations and and thanks to our 20 years of kite design knowledge, we decided to start from a brand new shape.

Wing Zeeko Carve V1

Wing Zeeko Carve

The Carve is very easy to use and super light and stable when luffed in the neutral position, making it ideal for downwinders and carving. Optimal for all levels from starters, to down the lines cruisers. The high visibility window allows safety in crowds and when riding different terrain.

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