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Kid's life vest Aropec Little Seahorse - 1
  • -40 Lv

Kid's life vest Aropec Little Seahorse

129 Lv 89 Lv -40 Lv

Kid's buoyancy aid Aropec Little Seahorse AVT-HD1782C-USCG

is quick and easy to get on/off while giving a secure fit during use with the adjustable webbing thigh straps and webbed belt. Up to 23kg this jacket is suitable for all types of water sports.


  • Supersoft, lightweight PVC foam
  • Fully adjustable webbed belt
  • Adjustable webbing thigh straps
  • Elasticated snug fit waist
  • Highly durable seams
Diving mask Aropec Frameless Black - 1
  • -60 Lv

Diving mask Aropec Frameless Black

159 Lv 99 Lv -60 Lv

Mask Aropec Frameless one window Black

  • Revolutionary push-button buckle allows for easy, quick strap adjustment
  • Unique flexible buckle attachment swivels with facial movements and absorbs shock, preventing buckle breakage
  • Fitted with a tempered safety glass lens 
  • Low volume double flanged silicone skirt 
  • Black silicone skirt
  • Low volume styling for better visibility and easier clearing
  • Crystal clear, double sealed silicone skirt for superior fit and comfort
Snorkel Aropec Varech DryTop - 1
  • -30 Lv

Snorkel Aropec Varech DryTop

78 Lv 48 Lv -30 Lv

Snorkel Aropec Varech DryTop

• Streamlined oval-shaped bore
• Patent pending full dry top housing
• Quick release buckle detaches with single-handed action
• Easy purge system with extra large self draining chamber

Wetsuit women's Aropec Vitality Full Pink - 1
  • -160 Lv

Wetsuit women's Aropec Vitality Full Pink

329 Lv 169 Lv -160 Lv

Wetsuit women's Aropec Vitality Full Pink

Aropec Vitality 2.5mm Neoprene Fullsuit is Super Stretch on back waist to provide easy bending comfort & flexibility.

Skin seal & adjustable neckline with Velcro closure. Back zipper with Nylon webbing for easy zipping. Flatlock stitched construction for non-chafing wear. Integrate printed kneepads for abrasion resistance. Suitable for diving sport & all water sports

* Comfortable contoured 2.5mm collar with Velcro adjustment
* Heavy-duty back zipper
* Loop at base of zipper assists donning
* Flatseam construction throughout for stretch and comfort

T-shirt Aropec Coolstar UV protection - 1
  • -40 Lv

T-shirt Aropec Coolstar UV protection

129 Lv 89 Lv -40 Lv

T-shirt Short Sleeve Aropec Coolstar

The super soft tee, made with DRY-TEC Wicking keeps you comfortable and dry, affording you the freedom to explore a little further and really enjoy the moments that unfold.


  • Soft, light weight, breathable and quick-dry function, suitable for all athlete
  • 4 Way stretch, Fine & smooth texture materials make body comfortable
  • Moisture wicking technology keep body dry and help to regulate core temperature for optimal comfort
  • Stylish front chest printing design
  • Flatlock stitched construction for non-chafing wear
  • Sun protection UPF50+
  • Women shirts' use V-neck cutting design to avoid abrasion and create more feminine aesthetic
  • Suitable for run, jogging, marathon, walking ,cycling and leisure time
Heavy Duty Dry Bag Aropec 30L - 1

Heavy Duty Dry Bag Aropec 30L

55 Lv

Heavy Duty Dry Bag Aropec 30L

It's constructed from thick, laminated, high-density nylon and closes via an easy-to-use snap. The seams are ensuring a practically bombproof construction that not only keeps water out but traps air in, almost guaranteeing the dryness of even the most sensitive objects — like your expensive camera or laptop.

Product Dimensions:28 x 48 cm

Kid's life vest Aropec Trout - 1
  • -50 Lv

Kid's life vest Aropec Trout

149 Lv 99 Lv -50 Lv

Kid's buoyancy aid Aropec Trout AVT-HD1741Y-USCG

Provides great safety without having to compromise on comfort and freedom of movement. This vest is USCG -approved, equipped with EPE-foam and a custom water drain system.


  • USCG approved TYPE III PFD
  • Surface: 200D*118T Nylon Oxford; Interior: EPE Foam
  • 3 Front Buckles design
  • 25mm PP webbing
  • Suit for Waterski, wakeboarding, or other water sports

Mask and Snorkel Set Aropec Dolphin - 1

Mask and Snorkel Set Aropec Dolphin

69 Lv

Diving Mask, Snorkel Set Aropec Dolphin

Head under the sea with our mask and snorkel set and get a clear view of the sea life through the tempered glass lenses. This set demonstates quality and comfort with the large field of vision and quick adjusting buckles.

The Aropec Mask & Snorkel set is just what you need to start exploring beneath the waters surface, this adult Mask & Snorkel set feature, a mask with tempered glass lenses, a high quality silicone facial skirt which provides an excellent seal, Complete with adjustable silicon strap to achieve a personalised fit. The Snorkel contains a silicon mouthpiece, splash guard, snorkel keeper and purge valve.

Wetsuit women's Aropec 2.5mm Navy
  • -100 Lv

Wetsuit women's Aropec 2.5mm Navy

389 Lv 289 Lv -100 Lv

Mesh chest outer panels to prevent wind-chill while lining gives a core central heating system for added warmth. The D-Flex neoprene lower body panels keep your lower body warm allowing you to perform at your best for longer. Durable knees designed to resist the harshest of elements while providing maximum flexion.

  • 2.5mm Finemesh neoprene equip on front chest
  • Super stretch neoprene equip on sleeve, side chest & armpits
  • Sleeve, side chest & armpits trim with colorful tropical sublimation printings
  • Back zipper & Adjustable neck fastener
  • 3D printed kneepads
  • Harmonious color Flatlock stitched construction

Aropec Power Sock 5mm - 1
  • -20 Lv

Aropec Power Sock 5mm

69 Lv 49 Lv -20 Lv

Aropec Power Sock 5mm

Designed using 5mm Dura-Flex neoprene, lining and blindstitched construction to keep your feet incredibly warm. Featuring Free-Flex heel and ankle entry system and grippy Dura-Skin sole print.

  • - 5mm Dura-Flex neoprene
  • - lined neoprene
  • - Blindstitched Construction
  • - Free-Flex heel and ankle entry
  • - Dura-Skin sole print for grip
Wetsuit men's Aropec Fullsuit 3/2mm - 1
  • -150 Lv

Wetsuit men's Aropec Fullsuit 3/2mm

349 Lv 199 Lv -150 Lv

Wetsuit men's Aropec Fullsuit 3/2mm 

One of our most popular wetsuits, and rightly so! This suit gives you flexibility and durability at a price that suits most wallets. Just like our top level suits, this neoprene giving you over 100% stretch. Blindstitched and G-Flex reinforced knee seams keep you watertight and warm.

  • Smooth skin collar & zipper with lycra binding
  • Glide skin seal on arm & leg
  • Ankle zipper & flatlock stitched
  • Reinforced printed kneepad
Aropec 2mm neoprene socks - 1
  • -20 Lv

Aropec 2mm neoprene socks

59 Lv 39 Lv -20 Lv

Aropec 2mm neoprene socks

Aropec's 2mm dive socks are perfect for those colder conditions where you need that added thermal retention where you're most prone to heat loss. Constructed from a 2mm super stretch neoprene the range of motion in your ankles and feet will be unimpeded so no energy will be unnecessarily wasted. The soles are made from an anti-slip Supratex rubber print. This material is grippy even when wet and gives added protection from sharp and abrasive surfaces.

Aqua shoe Aropec ASC-G20 - 1

Aqua shoe Aropec ASC-G20

28 Lv

Aqua shoe Aropec ASC-G20

Keep your feet comfortable and protected in any body of water when by wearing the Aropec Aqua Shoes. This lightweight shoe helps your feet stay comfortable even when submerged in the water with its quick-drying mesh upper. Its adjustable heel strap keeps your shoes snug around your feet, providing you a flexible fit. What's more, its slip resistant TPR outsole makes sure you'll get a good grip of wet and dry surfaces as it offers excellent static skid resistance and comfort.

  • Black TPR outsole
  • Mesh helps to drain water out
  • Heel strap could be adjusted easily for fitting
  • With mesh bag package
Aropec neoprene beanie 1.5mm Yellow - 2

Aropec neoprene beanie 1.5mm Yellow

49 Lv

Aropec neoprene head wrap 1.5mm

Ideal for extra protection from moisture and cold. Made of high quality neoprene.

Flatlock stitched construction for non-chafing wear Equip with rubber dots printings to have anti-slippery function. Suitable for head wrap in any aquatic sports.

Size: Standard

Color: Pink, Yellow

Aropec Strapped Cap 2.5mm - 1

Aropec Strapped Cap 2.5mm

69 Lv

Neoprene strapped beanie 2.5mm.

  • 2.5mm N/N Neoprene Cap
  • Neoprene strap w/buckle fastener hold head
  • Flatlock stitched construction
  • For surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, boating & cold water use
Aropec Cap 2.5mm - 1

Aropec Cap 2.5mm

59 Lv

Neoprene beanie 2.5mm.

perfect for adding a touch of warmth while surfing, swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

  • 2.5mm N/N Neoprene 
  • Flatlock stitched construction
  • For surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, boating & cold water use