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Windsurf sail Loft Sails Lip Wave 4.0m2

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Windsurf sail Loft Sails Lip Wave 4.0m2

Size : 4.0

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Windsurf sail Loft Sails Lip Wave 4.0m2

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Loft Sails Lip Wave

Lip Wave… The Loft’s no-compromise hardcore wave design.

The Loft's hard-core wave design that excels in both onshore and sideshore conditions. How? Extreme trim-reactivity… Loftsails are consistently credited with the broadest of wind ranges in magazine tests.

Built tough with 100% X-ply and The Loft’s Integrated Panel Concept for unsurpassed durability. The Lip Wave is designed to deliver and stable power and quick, easy handling in a huge variety of wave conditions- both sideshore and onshore winds. The Lip Wave offers its rider the maximum in any situation, especially in very critical conditions.

New curve schedules are cut into the Lip Wave; the upper sail body has been tuned slightly firmer. This refinement allows the application of greater downhaul tension, which takes effective leech release further down the leech towards the clew.

The Lip Wave is born in the wind and excels in the upper end. Feel the result… The Lip Wave is an ultra-trim-reactive design that adapts to your riding style and windsurfing conditions.

The Lip is born in the wind and excels in the upper end. The Lip Wave is easy - dynamic response you can feel.

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