Windsurf sail Unifiber Maverick

1,150 Lv
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Windsurf sail Unifiber Maverick

A high performance sail developed for newcomers to windsurfing. The smaller sizes 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.1 / 5.8 are designed towards Bump & Jump conditions, the larger sizes 6.5 and 7.3 are designed for performance Freeride level blasting. The relatively low weight makes this sail easy to uphaul. Highly recommended to use in combination with the recommended mast to gain maximum performance: early planing and upper-end control.

Prices: 5.0-592e, 5.8-618e, 6.5-644e, 7.3-669e

Size : 5.0
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Windsurf sail Unifiber Maverick

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Product Size Luff Boom Vario Top Extension Battens Weight
Maverick 4.0 4.0 m2 366 cm 156 cm Fixed 24 cm 4 3.137 kg
Maverick 4.5 4.5 m2 390 cm 164 cm Fixed 24 cm 4 3.384 kg
Maverick 5.0 5.0 m2 414 cm 176 cm Fixed 24 cm 4 3.628 kg
Maverick 5.8 5.8 m2 444 cm 186 cm Fixed 24 cm 5 4.081 kg
Maverick 6.5 6.5 m2 454 cm 192 cm Fixed 24 cm 6 4.841 kg
Maverick 7.3 7.3 m2 476 cm 210 cm Fixed 24 cm 6 5.253 kg

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