Pump Adapter Inflatable Boards to Kite & Wing

25 Lv
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Protect your hydrofoil from galvanic corrosion!

Thanks to this nozzle that you plug into your inflatable stand up paddle pump hose, you can inflate your kite there.

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Pump Adapter Inflatable Boards to Kite & Wing

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Unifiber Foil Wing Cover Set - 5
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Unifiber Foil Wing Cover Set

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Foil Wing Cover Set

Our foil bag solution lets you choose which parts of your foil must be protected. The wings? The mast? Both? Configure it yourself!
The foil wings are easily damaged. Since they generate the lift of the foil, they are probably the most important parts of the foil. Needless to say, you want to keep them in pristine shape. Our wing covers, made with thick padding and a strong outer layer, give all the necessary protection. Use the covers when the wings are assembled on the foil, or when stored separately.
With four different sizes each fitting a range of spans, whatever wings you fly we've got you covered.

SUP Paddle Quatro Varioflex Hybrid Carbon

SUP Paddle Quatro Varioflex Hybrid Carbon

449 Lv

This is your entry mainstream paddle. Featuring a traditional blade shape and regular shaft diameter. A light paddle for recreational cruising and casual wave riding.

One size design with a 81.4 square inch blade in fiberglass and 35% carbon filament reinforcement. Fibergalss shaft and fiberglass handle. Regular diameter shaft. Palm handle.

The Varioflex is a slightly more flexible, light weight all-around adjustable paddle.

Adjustable 160 to 210 cm.