HB SurfKite Pilot II Bar

1,195 Lv
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HB SurfKite Pilot II Bar

Your control system counts more than you think! It is the interface of your kite, it boosts performance and provides unmatched feeling. We worked in a demanding way, leaving nothing to chance, to the assembly as on the quality of the materials.

  • Line length 19m + 3m extension.
  • Soft Dyneema® connectors with bomb proof.

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HB SurfKite Pilot II Bar

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The Legion II bar is light and clean to prevent tangling. In Strapless all your senses must be focused on the trick, wave or freestyle, your kite must be driven with your eyes shut. The diameter of the bar and its grip offers excellent comfort / control ratio. It floats thanks to integrated bar floats, and the clam-cleat provides easy trim control.

LIROS lines

Our number one concern! Do not lose anything in reactivity and kite feeling.
Our lines are made with the highest level of quality requirements by the German manufacturer Liros. This name known in the world of aeronautics is synonymous with workmanship and perfect finish.
Thanks to a special method of hot pre-stretch, our lines are strong, do not stretch, are stable over time, and are easy to handle on the beach.

« Push » Safety System

Safety first ! We chose this tried-and-tested quick release. Set under the bar, it is easy to release and reset.

Pre-molded Chiken Loop

The trim loop is pre molded into a U shape, making reset even easier when combined with the automatic docking and push reset feature.
Together with the finger locker, he holds the trim loop in place, reducing the chance of unwanted unhooking.

Storage bag

Coil zip for easy access. Mesh panels for quick drying. Inside pocket for pigtail storage.
The Pilot Bar ships with an assortment of premium pigtails, ensuring compatibility with all major kite brands : 2*15cm , 2*20cm, 2*25cm.

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