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Control System DaSilva Solid bar 4 lines

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Control System DaSilva Solid bar 4 lines

The DaSilva Solid control bar made from carbon ensures the safety and comfort in use. It’s very easy to repair and replace all the parts or lines control bar and qr system. Simple and clean bar design with the most efficient and easy to use clam cleat trimming system.

Size : 4 lines
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Control System DaSilva Solid bar 4 lines

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  • Made in Germany Liros D-Pro Dyneema Kite Lines
  • Comfortable and Ergonomic Eva Handle
  • Depower Line Covered with tought PU
  • Anonized Low Abrasion Clam Cleat Trimmer
  • Stainless Steel Trimmer Bracket and Leader Lines Swivel
  • 5th line adjustment kit available

Sizes: 45cm | 55cm

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