Goggles Spokey Dolphin 84101

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Goggles Dolphin 84101 black

  • Material: silicon gaskets and regulated strap, glass (polycarbon),
  • Plastic adjustment pins
  • Anti - fog layer
  • Double strap
  • UV sun filter
  • Foil protecting the glass before first use
  • Convenient, transparent bag with a zipper and hanger
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Goggles Spokey Dolphin 84101

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Antifog agent spray Aropec 30ml

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Aropec antifog agent spray 30ml.

  • Small bottle, easy for carry.
  • Easy operation, spray and wipe, deal with fog easily.
  • Long lasting, one spray can last for couple days.
  • harmless for eyes.
  • Used on car mirror can avoid car accident caused by fog

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Swimming goggles Aropec Pac-Man

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Kid's goggles Aropec Pac-Man

The super soft and thick silicone gasket gives great comfort allowing you to train for hours on end. It's low profile and sleek design will give you that winning edge when racing. 2 strap design will keep them secure on your face when diving in.

Goggles Spokey 839216 Barracuda grey - 1
  • -6 Lv

Goggles Spokey 839216 Barracuda grey

35 Lv 29 Lv -6 Lv

Swimming glasses Spokey Barracuda 839216 grey

The glasses are made of durable and at the same time comfortable materials for the user. They are supplied in a convenient case that can be used to store and transport glasses, thus protecting them from scratches.

This model has replaceable nose pads, thanks to which the spacing of glasses can be adjusted to the individual needs of the user.

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Swimming Goggles Aropec GA-PY7400-WT

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Swimming glasses Aropec GA-PY7400-WT

The swim goggle is designed to seal against the inner or outer areas of the eye sockets only, whereas diving and snorkeling masks include the wearer's nose.


lenses: polycarbonate
gaskets: silicone
strap: silicone, wide, reinforced
buckles: TPE
wide field of vision
easily adjustable strap

Swimming Goggles Aropec GA-PY7400-RD
  • New

Swimming Goggles Aropec GA-PY7400-RD

59 Lv

Swimming glasses Aropec GA-PY7400-RD

The swim goggle is designed to seal against the inner or outer areas of the eye sockets only, whereas diving and snorkeling masks include the wearer's nose.

  • Larger mask frame offers exceptional fit for greater comfort
  • CLT™ (Curved Lens Technology) – 180 degree peripheral vision technology
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Impregnated anti-fog lenses for fantastic moisture control
  • Super soft silicone gasket for a custom and comfortable fit
  • Quick-adjust strap for strength, comfort and durability
  • Double silicone strap that reduces pressure around the eyes

Goggles Mosconi Lider black
  • -14 Lv

Goggles Mosconi Lider black

59 Lv 45 Lv -14 Lv

Swimming glasses Mosconi Lider black

The new super soft flexible seal offers greater flexibility for an even softer and more cushioned fit around the eye. Complete with a soft stabilising nose bridge which keeps fitting secure and comfortable at all times.

These goggles feature large soft silcone gaskets for a comfortable leak-resistant fit. The one piece frame is flexible yet tough and the double head strap keeps the goggles securely in place whilst swimming. They feature wide vision curved lenses making them great for clarity of vision underwater, and ideal for use in open water swimming or swim training/lane swimming.

  • Stabilizing silicone nose bridge.
  • Anti-fog for long lasting clarity.
  • Silicone strap for comfort and durability.