Fins Spokey Burbot

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Diving Fins Spokey Burbot

Spokey BURBOT fins are made of the highest quality materials resistant to mechanical damage. They have a special rubber boot that covers the heel made of TPR, which is put on the bare foot.

Size : 38-39
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Fins Spokey Burbot

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Light and compact recreational fins

They are very light and have an ergonomic shape, thanks to which they precisely adapt to the foot. They are extremely comfortable to put on and take off. The use of materials of the highest durability gives you a guarantee that BURBOT is a purchase for years.

Fit perfectly to the foot

Thanks to the use of additional rubber elements, the diving fin is very flexible, thanks to which it has a better ergonometry in the water. The design also increases propulsion power during the dive. Optimally fitted shoe adheres perfectly to the foot and gives excellent freedom of movement. The low weight of the fins makes diving even better!

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