Swimming cap Spokey Torpedo Pink

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Bet on a healthy lifestyle, start changes with Spokey! Advantages of swimming Swimming is a sport that largely improves our health and performance. Due to the fact that it strengthens the muscles of the spine, it is most often offered to people diagnosed with posture defects, it also helps in the case of back pain. In addition, swimming training increases lung capacity.

The Spokey Torpedo cap will be useful during a trip to the pool - it protects the hair against the negative effects of chlorinated water. The cap was made in two-layer technology - the outer, PU-coated reduces water penetration, the inner is a soft, pleasant to the touch material.

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Swimming cap Spokey Torpedo Pink (ref. 927905)

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Thanks to this the cap is easy to put on and take off. After use, simply rinse it under running water and dry. This way he will stay in great shape for a long time.

2 layers - polyurethane protects against soaking and the harmful effects of swimming pool water, while the material's inner layer facilitates putting on and does not damage the hair. Made of the highest quality materials, it ensures comfort by adjusting to the head, and increased resistance to chlorine guarantees a long life. APPLIANCE A cap is required in many facilities. Its task is to protect our hair against chlorine. Thanks to it, we can also get a more aerodynamic figure, which is extremely important during swimming competitions. Swimming cap 2 layers - the use of polyurethane and Lycra provides waterproofness and hair protection | good fit to the shape of the head


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  • optimal fit to the shape of your head
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Quality - made ​​of high quality 100% silicone for comfort to fit the head,  increased resistance to chlorine is a guarantee of long use.

Comfort - designed for people with long hair.