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Ski goggles Spokey Radium 926710

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Ski goggles Spokey Park 926704

RADIUM is a revolution on the goggles market - the shape and the frames used perfectly adhere to the face, and the length of the strap allows them to be used with a helmet.

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Ski goggles Spokey Radium 926710 (ref. 926710)

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What to do to feel comfortable while skiing or snowboarding? The highest degree of comfort can be achieved by choosing goggles that not only perfectly fit your face and helmet, but also protect your eyes from sunlight reflecting off the snow. RADIUM double glazing with a wide viewing angle makes the inside of the goggles less sensitive to weather conditions, which prevents them from freezing and fogging. In addition, they reduce light reflection on snow and make shaded areas more visible. Spokey RADIUM goggle glasses have a UV filter at 400% level and perfectly protect the eyes, even in the most extreme conditions! The whole greatly improves the comfort of vision - it provides better visibility, and also improves the perception of the environment, regardless of weather conditions.


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