Wing board HB SurfWing Quest

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Board HB SurfWing Quest

The structure underneath the US foil box is set through the entire surface of the board. Indeed, the high density Armacell core is set under the skin from the bottom to the deck. This allow the structure to be ultra-resistant and enhance the responsiveness of the foil just underneath of it.

Size : 5'3

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Wing board HB SurfWing Quest

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The skin as well as the each composite inside the board is surrounded by a high density, strong, light and recycled Armacell foil, making the board solid through the entire shape. The Armacell foil is reinforced by an Innerga composite, which is recyclable, reduce the vibration and prevent form any dents or dings. The inside and outside skin is therefore ultra-resistant, recyclable and with a nice look.

Ultra-resistant & responsive construction

The Armacell structure and the US foil box are one structure on our QUEST. The solidity is therefore uniform through-out the board and provide an unmatched responsiveness sensation. The composite structure also allows the board to be very light.

100% Recyclable composites

The wingsurfing discipline requires high volume boards. Therefore, it needs a lot of material to build any wing support. This is why we chose to work with recycled and recyclable composites for our QUEST, reducing the best we can the waste emissions in our production workshops.

Dedicated & unique wing surfing shape

The Quest benefits from HB Surf unique know-how as they are produced in the same production workshops than our surfkite. The lightness, solidity and unique handmade finished are key elements of our new wingsurfing board.

Ultra-resistant & responsive construction

  • The armacell foil and core of the board come from recycled PET bottles. Thoses composites can be 100% recyclable after use.
  • This construction requires 3 times less energy and reject 94% less CO2 than a classic construction for a similar size and volume product.
  • Approximatively, 80 one liter bottles are used for the construction of our QUEST boards as we estimate that 1 linear metter of armacell foil need 19 bottles, without forgetting the armacell foil structure underneath the US box.

Dedicated & unique wing surfing shape

  • Double concave that makes the planning departure much easier and fasten the recovery when the board touches the water.
  • Boxy & Beveled rails for a high stability.
  • The shape is large with a great volume without being very long to enhance responsiveness and stability.
  • A wingsurfing optimized rocker with a modified tail for a more efficient pumping and surfing. The small length of the board also allows a better pumping and transport efficiency.
  • Full pads with a unique width and grip for a fast and efficient feet positioning.
  • US Foil box on rails for very precise adjustments.
  • Transport handle for even more use ease

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