Kite board DaSilva Young Bloodz set with straps

Kite board DaSilva Young Bloodz with straps

Young bloodz is the perfect starter board for children to hone their kite boarding skills. Specifically designed for kids, it`s smaller size makes this board extremly light weight and easy to manoeuver. The flexibility of the young bloodz board gives you really nice pop and its shape provides easy upwind riding !

Size : 110
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Kite board DaSilva Young Bloodz set with straps

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Made from a durable Paulownia wood core!

Main features:

  • 3 stages rocker that make this board glide smooth and easily
  • DaSILVA Link Foot Straps
  • Amazing upwind performance
  • insane pop for jumps and technical tricks
  • Impressive top speed and control
  • Thin sidewalls that provide good flexibility
  • Super durable Paulownia wood core
  • Triple concave channels
  • Environmental friendly resin sidewalls

Sizes: 110×36 | 115×37 |120×37 | 125×38

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