Kite board DaSilva Ease with straps

Kite board DaSilva Ease with straps


The Ease is made for ultimate light wind conditions. As the name states, this board is designed to assist a beginner ease into the sport. It’s design allows the rider to get up and ride easily, enjoying kitesurfing to it’s fullest. A must for every kite school! The flat design of this board provides early planning and stability.

Size : 155
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Kite board DaSilva Ease with straps

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With is 165 length allows the board to glide smoothly over the water in light windy days.

Made from a durable Paulownia wood core!

Main features:

  • Perfect for school.
  • Designed for the ultimate lightwind performance.
  • 3 stage rocker, that makes the board glide smooth.
  • Super durable paulownia wood core.
  • Enviromental friendly resin sidewalls.
  • Maximized planning surface.
  • Single concave provide early planing and stability.
  • Excellent grip that provides easy ride.

Sizes: 155×45 | 165×46

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