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Hydrofoil MFC Hydros Pro Carbon 82

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HYDROS is the new surfing Hydrofoil made by MFC in collaboration with The Hydrofoil Company in a cooperative effort to deliver what we think is the best surf hydrofoil on the market. A full carbon molded hydrofoil, the HYDROS uses the most innovative materials and technology to achieve an incredible performance at under 3kg of weight. The innovative wing designs, its mast and fuselage fittings and stability and the option to adjust the back wing according to conditions. are what make the HYDROS unique and different.

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Hydrofoil MFC Hydros Pro Carbon 82

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  • FRONT WINGS: Our Front Wing generates a lot of gradual lift and they are very easy to control. Built with our Mold Technology with Carbon Twill, PVC core and G33 Bio Resin, it is one of the most advanced wings on the market. It reaches an excellent top speed allowing continuous turns with not much effort, keeping gliding. It’s V shapes allows easier turns keeping speed and gliding with low effort.
  • BACK WING 225: Built in Full Carbon.
  • SHIMS: Hydros is delivered with three shims, Zero, One.Five & Two.Five. Shims are needed to adjust and control the Angle Of Attack (AOA) of the back wing. Shims help dictate the amount of lift we will achieve from the back wing. The bigger the AOA the most Lift we will have, the smaller the AOA the most speed you will achieve. These should be chosen in relation to the size of the front wing that is being used.

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