Diving Fins Beuchat Jetta blue

59 Lv
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  • - Efficient finstroke with smaller negative zone thanks to power jet type openings
  • - Good direction control thanks to the V-shaped blade tip and guide stabilizers
  • - Comfortable foot pocket
Size : 38-41
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Diving Fins Beuchat Jetta blue

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Fins Fashy Aquafeel Training - 1
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Fins Fashy Aquafeel Training

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Fins Fashy Aquafeel Training

The Aquafeel Training Fins are designed to give you a serious swim work out. Short blade keeps feet on top of water Completely pool friendly Improves technique while strengthening and toning calf muscles.

Aquafeel is the sportive swimwear brand from German company Fashy, specialising in training and racing swimsuits for competitive and professional swimmers.

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Snorkel Aropec Varech DryTop

• Streamlined oval-shaped bore
• Patent pending full dry top housing
• Quick release buckle detaches with single-handed action
• Easy purge system with extra large self draining chamber

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Diving mask Spokey Piker 928108

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Spokey Piker diving mask

with unique teardrop-shaped glass - their shape increases the viewing angle both horizontally and vertically.

This diving mask is made of the highest quality materials that guarantee safety under water and ensure long and satisfying use. Its shape and skirt with a strap made of liquid silicone, which is easily sucked in, perfectly fits the face.

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Speargun Seac Sting 450мм

Barrel: in extruded anticorodal aluminium to maximize resistance and prevent bending. Double muzzle: allows mounting of parallel elastics or a circular elastic.

Mask and Snorkel Set Fashy Basic Junior

Mask and Snorkel Set Fashy Basic Junior

49 Lv

Diving set Mask and Snorkel Fashy Basic Junior

Cased bottom valve with closure provides air extraction outside and lock pouring water inside. Regulated handle of pipe fixing and wave guard tip.

Junior – dedicated to younger diver Mask

Quality – made of high quality materials.

Comfort – adjustable straps.

  • junior diving mask
  • PVC
  • tempered glass
  • head strap & seal transparent
  • PE-snorkel
  • PVC mouth piece
  • size easy to adjust