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Shoes Alpine Pro Zemede 242

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Men's shoes Alpine Pro Zemede 242

For shorter tours in light terrain thanks to a profiled outsole and a sturdy upper sole, the footwear is designed for shorter tours in light terrain and a mainly softer clay surface. Hiking boots can be used on most of the marked as well as non-market tourist paths.

Size : 43
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Shoes Alpine Pro Zemede 242 (ref. UBTX280512)

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Gaiters Gray Metal - 1

Gaiters Gray Metal

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Gaiters Gray Metal

Snow, water, dirt and pebbles have a way of sneaking into even the most waterproof of boots. To prevent this, put on some gaiters. Gaiters cover the vulnerable tops of your footwear to fully protect your feet from the elements.

Whoever had to trudge and flounder through deep snow, marshy meadows or muddy tracks would know how useful and advantageous thing is a pair of long, sturdy, breathable gaiters. These protect the trouser legs and boots.

The upper gaiter opening is adjustable via elastic band, and they open up to the sides, with wide, sturdy zip covered with velcro closure. Robust hook enables to anchor them to the boot laces.

As you narrow your focus on a type of gaiter, remember that there is overlap between the different types.

Shoes Regatta Samaris II Mid Beetroot Ash - 1
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Shoes Regatta Samaris II Mid Beetroot Ash

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Shoes Regatta Lady Samaris II Beetroot Ash

Featuring our Isotex technology, the boots are fully waterproof to prevent rain and splashes getting through. They're breathable too to keep your feet fresh. The walking boots come with a moulded EVA footbed for comfort and there's a hardwearing XLT sole unit for added traction and to protect from bumps along the way. The deep padded neoprene collar and mesh tongue add comfort.

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Boots kids Alpine Pro Tanggoi

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Boots kids Alpine Pro Tanggoi are made of high-impregnated fabric that is watertight. The bottom of the boots is provided with a special rubber that prevents the penetration of moisture and protects the soles of your children.

Shoes Alpine Pro Borba - 1

Shoes Alpine Pro Borba

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Alpine Pro Borba women's winter footwear

is suitable for the city, for nature walks, but also for winter holidays. High-quality synthetic material is treated with impregnation, and so you in combination with the inside protection against unrecognizable weather. It is made of thermoplastic rubber, which is very resistant to heavy use.
Material: synthetics, textile

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Regatta Footwear Spray Proofer

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Regatta Footwear Spray Proofer

Protect and perfect with the Footwear Proofer. Designed to provide maximum water repellency whilst maintaining breathability, the footwear spray will prolong the life span of your boots and shoes. The shoe protector spray will add durability and stain resistance. It's suitable for all types of material. PFOA/PFOS free.


  • Isotex: Waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane technology