Windsurf sail Goya Fringe 4.7m2

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Windsurf sail Goya Fringe 4.7m2.

Still the Fringe is awesome to freeride, being such a fun and light sail, easy to rig and maneuver.

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The new Fringe Pro is different. Our foot batten connects right to the clew. With the outhaul basically attached to the foot batten, rider input to the sail is mega direct, quick, and easy. This means you get the full effect of attaching your outhaul to the clew point and the foot batten end at the same time. Quickness, lightness, directness, and this is the important point, you have full dynamic leech twist all the way down to the clew, to the point you are hanging on to directly. It’s a very cool feeling. Gutsy, deep sails that are flexible and opening properly, so that you can be comfortable and confident especially in breaking waves.

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