Windsurf sail Goya Banzai 4.2m2

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Windsurf sail Goya Banzai 4.2m2

The Banzai is Goya’s premier World Cup wave sail for use in ‘real world’ conditions, from cross-off bliss, to coastal blasting and everything between.

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790 лв

-600 лв

1 390 лв

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The word from the sail’s designer, Jason Diffin, is that the mid-sizes of the Banzai have an “enhanced flex feel”, improving their handling characteristics. Rigged here on a 99% RDM, it is straightforward to set the sail, downhauling until the leech looseness reaches the visual marker in the top panel. The rest of the trailing edge falls away progressively, allowing the power delivery to be adjusted using the brand’s tried and tested dual clew eyelet configuration. Whatever the fine-tuning chosen, the two lower battens retain the slightest rotation around the mast, keeping some shape and camber in the draft. Certainly an eye-catching sail, the X is available in two bright colourways, giving it masses of visual appeal to match its quality and detailed workmanship. The materials used speak volumes – Kevlar in the foot panel scrim; uni-directional carbon fibre in the stretch control tendons, extensive use of quality x-ply film produced in the United States and a rip-stop material in the luff sleeve – the Banzai X pro is carefully considered from head to foot.

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