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    Gift Voucher - 50

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    Gift Voucher The vaucher has 6 months time limit. The value of the vaucher is not defined. It depends on the buyer. The vaucher can be paid in the store, or with bank account.

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    Neoprene Sunglasses Spec Saver Ascan make sure you never lose your sunglasses. Simply attach this strap

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  • 149 лв

    The bodyboard Gul Response 42 BLBL dark blueallows the whole family to have fun in the surf without breaking the bank. The board features a crescent tail and slick bottom for the best performance on a wave.

    149 лв
  • 149 лв

    Bodyboard Gul Response 42 REREThe Gul Response allows the whole family to have fun in the surf without breaking the bank. The Gul Bodyboard features a crescent tail and slick bottom for the best performance on a wave. Constructed from EPO foam, the Bodyboard is extremely hard wearing.

    149 лв
  • 129 лв

    Bodyboard Gul Response 36 YEYE yellow -- X-link deck-- Multi layer EPS core-- Slick bottom-- Plug & leash-- Crescent tail

    129 лв
  • 969 лв 1 080 лв

    If you’re looking for a board that is ready to bounce off the water, the Peak may be the board for you. Don’t take it from us, take it from Nico himself… “I personally think it has the best pop of any board out there.” Wakeboard Liquid Force Peak 141

    969 лв 1 080 лв
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  • 390 лв

    “See? It’s a golf bag. That’s why it says “golf” on it.” OK, practice with us: Say that line ten times in a row. No, say it like you really believe it! While we can’t absolutely guarantee the LF Golf Bag will make airport fees go away, it won’t make them higher. Heavy duty handles and wheels. Size LENGTH(148CM) – WIDTH(36CM) – HEIGHT(25CM)

    390 лв
  • 69 лв

    Exocet Leash 8 foot blue For a SUP enthusiast, a high quality SUP leash is a vital piece of equipment because – well lets face it, unless you have donned a life jacket before your paddle, a carbon fiber or plastic sup paddle will not keep you afloat.

    69 лв
  • 499 лв 579 лв

    Wakeboard Young Bloodz Especially made for children the Young Bloodz is perfect to progress your wakeboarding skills. With his single concave and his smaller size, it will be easier to control and manœuvre this wakeboard. This all around park board is going to give you a burst of speed to beat the new scores!

    499 лв 579 лв
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  • 689 лв 990 лв

    Have you ever put your thumb over a hose to make the water spray faster? Well, in essence, that's exactly what the double venturi hull of the Liquid Force Next Wakeboard does -- water speeds up through the hull of the board and propels you into the wake for fatty hits and absolutely heavenly tom-foolery.

    689 лв 990 лв
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  • 590 лв 990 лв

    The Liquid Force Form 4D Wakeboard Bindings are the most supportive of the line offering ultimate control and responsiveness. While the super small footprint of the 4D chassis allows for the most natural board flex, the Form's rear flex zones, articulating cuffs, and FlexTrack mounting system retain the forward and backward mobility needed to really tweak...

    590 лв 990 лв
    Reduced price!
Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items