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  • 115 лв

    Pump Unifiber iSup 26PSI If you have a single-stroke pump, perhaps it is time to consider a more efficient way to inflate your board!Use the double-action setting on the Unifiber pump to inflate your board at twice the speed. When getting closer to the desired pressure switch back to a single stroke.All Unifiber inflatable boards are equipped with this...

    115 лв
  • 95 лв

    Unifiber Keysafe Medium Store your car keys safely when on the water. The Keysafe can easily be secured to a tow bar or roof rack. Choose your own four-digit code and there's no more worrying about where to hide your keys. The stainless steel housing is virtually unbreakable. The compartment is large enough for car keys of most types.

    95 лв
  • 240 лв

    Unifiber Boardbag Pro Foil Our best-selling Boarbag Luxury is now tailored for windfoil and wingfoil boards.A unique fin slot construction allows you to put the board into the boardbag with the foil still attached.The zipper-closed pocket is featured to store your screws and tools so that you always have them at the ready.Like the rest of the Pro Luxury...

    240 лв
  • 15 лв

    Protect your hydrofoil from galvanic corrosion! Thanks to this nozzle that you plug into your inflatable stand up paddle pump hose, you can inflate your kite there.

    15 лв
  • 89 лв

    Fin Ascan Allround 27cm US Box A simple, basic plastic fin suitable for learners/beginner boards. It's the same basic fin which is included with most of the beginner/school boards coming from Cobra manufacturer in Thailand. FeaturesLength: 34 cm Power Box Fits with standard M6 screws (not included - available as add on)

    89 лв
  • 45 лв

    Protect your hydrofoil from galvanic corrosion! Commonly affected are the bolts holding foil parts together. When stainless steel, titanium or carbon make contact with aluminium, it causes a reaction that can practically weld them together. Over time, materials can become brittle and break. Isolating and water-repelling properties of the Shield Gel create...

    45 лв
  • 480 лв

    Boom Unifiber Essentials Monocoque Whether buying for the first time or replacing your broken boom, look no further. The Essentials boom range offers product features unmatched by the competition. Go for T8 alloy monocoque construction to enjoy reduced play and improved durability compared to traditional 3-piece configured booms. Essentials Boom Bodies...

    480 лв
  • 530 лв

    Boom Unifiber Essentials Monocoque Tapered The Essentials Monocoque Tapered boom range offers a slimmer grip diameter section. This boom delivers a reactive stance and comfortable, energy-efficient hand positioning. The robust 26mm diameter tube thickness in the harness line/grip area can be used in combination with a hard-working wave, freeride and...

    530 лв
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    UNIFIBER Inflatable Board iWindsurf Experience 280 The RPM is dedicated to pure freeride windsurf action but comes with the benefits of an inflatable construction. The board is specifically designed to make the fun and excitement of windsurfing as accessible as possible for beginners and experienced riders.With plenty of volume the board is forgiving for...

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    Foil Wing Cover Set Our foil bag solution lets you choose which parts of your foil must be protected. The wings? The mast? Both? Configure it yourself!The foil wings are easily damaged. Since they generate the lift of the foil, they are probably the most important parts of the foil. Needless to say, you want to keep them in pristine shape. Our wing...

  • 490 лв

    Mast SDM Unifiber 490cm 50% Carbon Serving as an entry point into the Unifiber range of high-end masts, Essentials C50 SDM masts strike a good balance between value and quality. Highly recommended for recreational windsurfing, they are the number one choice for beginner and weekend warrior sailors. Pre-preg manufacturing technology and a lower carbon to...

    490 лв
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    Inflatable Windsurf / Wing board  Unifiber Impulse The Impulse inflatable wing boards are designed for those who are beginning their wingfoiling journey.Ample width, generous volume and inflatable construction make these boards super comfortable and easy to start, and assist with take-off.The extra rocker on the nose makes for softer and safer...

    1 449 лв
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