Swimming cap Spokey Seagull 839231

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Silicone Swimming cap Spokey Seagull 839231

The cap is intended for people with longer hair - it has a specially designed extended back part, which allows you to hide the whole inside Spokey SEAGULL.

Thanks to the technology enabling reduction of the seam, the shower cap has become much more streamlined. Therefore, it can be successfully used for training purposes and during competitions.

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Advantages of swimming

Swimming is a sport that largely improves our health and performance. Due to the fact that it strengthens the muscles of the spine, it is most often offered to people diagnosed with posture defects, it also helps in the case of back pain. In addition, swimming training increases lung capacity.

The Spokey Seagull swimming cap has been prepared for people practicing swimming. The reduced seam allows you to reduce water resistance, and thus - achieve better times.

The cap is made of silicone with increased resistance to chlorine. This guarantees long product life and preservation of its perfect appearance.

#SpokeyStyle swimming

The cap was prepared in several colors. Thanks to such diversity, everyone will find the right model for themselves.

The cap was made of thick silicone. Thanks to this, it does not curl and its application is very convenient.

After use, simply rinse it under running water and dry. This way he will stay in great shape for a long time.



A cap is required in many facilities. Its task is to protect our hair against chlorine. Thanks to it, we can also get a more aerodynamic figure, which is extremely important during swimming competitions.

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