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  • 48 лв

    Basketball Spokey BraziroHigh durability – the use of foam rubber ensures high wear resistance. Foam rubber – characterised by improved durability, when compared to standard rubber, also in the case of contact with chemical substances. Good grip characteristics – result from the rough texture of the external surface.

    48 лв
  • 35 лв

    INTENDED USE A classic basketball characterised by the typical size and weight. A rubber basketball for indoor and outdoor use. A professional training, also for recreational use. For indoor as well as outdoor use. PARAMETERSMaterial: rubber Size : 7 (749-762 mm) Weight: 567-623 g

    35 лв
  • 50 лв

    Gift Voucher - 50

    50 лв
  • 100 лв

    Gift Voucher The vaucher has 6 months time limit. The value of the vaucher is not defined. It depends on the buyer. The vaucher can be paid in the store, or with bank account.

    100 лв
  • 24 лв 29 лв

    Jump Rope Spokey Crossfit II 920971 The Spokey CROSSFIT skipping rope has been prepared for people who plan to diversify their training with dynamic whole-body exercises. COMFORT The length of the rope can be easily adjusted to the height of the user. To do this, simply screw the screw in the right place. No tools are needed.

    24 лв 29 лв
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  • 13 лв 19 лв

    Quick Jump Spokey Rope. Materials – high quality, which increases the strength of the ropes. Simplicity – a jump rope made ​​of simple materials: wood and rope Ergonomic handles – specially contoured handles are in good hands. PURPOSEslender silhouette burn fat build leg muscle

    13 лв 19 лв
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  • 6 лв

    Table tennis balls Lerner white 6pcs Seamless balls for the beginers. PARAMETERSWeight: 2,37-2,60 g Hardness: 0,65 mm Diameter: 40 mm (+/- 0,4 mm) Set: 6 pcs

    6 лв
  • 6 лв

    Table tennis balls Lerner orange Spokey Special 1-Star table tennis balls for the beginers has measures 4mm coming diameter. Seamless balls. Set of 6 pieces of balls. Weight: 2,37-2,60g. Available in orange colour.

    6 лв
  • 12 лв

    Shuttlecock Air Tec Special construction of the basket made of high quality polyamide with addition of rubber cause that the shuttlecock has flight parameters similar to those of feather shuttlecocks.

    12 лв
  • 29 лв

    Badminton set Spokey Badmset 1 Aluminium badminton set in the bag which includes: 2 aluminum racket, the dart, cover.

    29 лв
  • 45 лв

    Badminton set Fit One II blue A set of two rackets for intermediate amateurs. See how intense and addictive sport badminton is. Take advantage of the Spokey brand’s offer and hit the pitch!

    45 лв
  • 29 лв

    Floor mat with aluminium insulationSleeping pad2-layer sleeping pad made of thick foam.   WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT? Aluminium application – provides additional thermal insulation Thick foam – increases use comfort and thermal insulation PARAMETERSDimensions:50*180cm Thickness:1.2cm Material: EVA

    29 лв
Showing 1 - 12 of 53 items