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Other sports - table tennis, badminton

basketball, volleyball, soccer, yoga and gymnastics.

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  • Table tennis sets Joy Set The Spokey JOY SET table tennis set, comprising of two rackets and three balls is a necessary equipment for recreational players, those who love to play with medium speed, rotation and control.

  • Fitness Gloves Material – protects hands, prevents from slipping dumbbells during exercise, and at the same timeprovides a constant air flow. Protection – soft cushion of foam placed inside the gloves to protect hands from abrasion. Cuff – elastic wrist strap protects against injuries. Comfort – gloves equipped with special holders for fast and easy take off

  • Kid's helmet Hearts Safety which is confirmed with CE EN 1078:2012 certificate – owing to the external PVC coating and an internal EPS layer, the helmet ensures high protection against injury.

  • Shuttlecock Spokey Winged Top quality set of 6 pcs feather shuttlecock made of traditional, natural material ensuring the highest fight precision.

  • Quick Jump Spokey Rope. Materials – high quality, which increases the strength of the ropes. Simplicity – a jump rope made ​​of simple materials: wood and rope Ergonomic handles – specially contoured handles are in good hands. PURPOSE slender silhouette burn fat build leg muscle

  • Kid's helmet - Flo-Fly Weight: 200+/-10g Adjustment: 49-56 cm Head Lock, perfect protection of the occiput and the forehead thanks to the inflexible and protruding peak External surface: PVC Internal layer: EPS Fast clasp underneath the neck Number of ventilation openings: 6 + mesh Certificate: CE EN 1078

  • Table tennis balls Lerner white 6pcs Seamless balls for the beginers. PARAMETERS Weight: 2,37-2,60 g Hardness: 0,65 mm Diameter: 40 mm (+/- 0,4 mm) Set: 6 pcs

  • Table tennis balls Lerner orange Spokey Special 1-Star table tennis balls for the beginers has measures 4mm coming diameter. Seamless balls. Set of 6 pieces of balls. Weight: 2,37-2,60g. Available in orange colour.

  • Table tennis balls Spokey Skilled white 6pcs Seamless balls for skiled players, the highest quality materials are used for manufacturing it.

  • Table tennis balls Skilled orange Table Tennis Seamless Balls Set Spokey Special, prepared for advanced players.

  • Table tennis balls Special QUALITY We set high requirements for our equipment and therefore we make our best effort to make sure that only the highest quality materials are used for manufacturing it. Parameters Weight: 2,65-2,94 g Hardness: 0,40 mm Diameter: 40 mm (+/- 0,4 mm) Set: 6 pic *** Color: Orange

  • Shuttlecock Air Tec Special construction of the basket made of high quality polyamide with addition of rubber cause that the shuttlecock has flight parameters similar to those of feather shuttlecocks.

Showing 1 - 12 of 35 items