Kid's socks Relax Thunder RSO36A MERINO wool

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Kid's socks Relax Thunder RSO36A Black/Turquoise MERINO wool

The THUNDER ski sock for small enthusiasts meets the most demanding requirements of functional materials. The G-FORCE reinforcement in the shinbone during the intense activity, decomposes excessive pressure and thus increases the performance of the athlete.

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Thanks to the unique combination of MERINO wool and high-tech polyamide in SOLE PAD reinforcement, the sock keeps warm and regulates moisture well.

  • MICROCLIMATIC excellent thermoregulation
  • Ergonomic design ERGO FIT
  • Elastic band FLEXI GRIP
  • Achilles tendon protection WRAP-X
  • Flat toe seam
  • Targeted reinforcement in toe and heel area - durable and comfortable
  • Merino wool: warm, bacteriostatic, breathable, soft
  • TERRY soft textile keeps warmth in air pockets

By the use of unique combination of functional materials we have achieved excellent thermoregulatory properties. Socks heat at low temperatures and release heat and humidity at high temperatures. This guarantees the ideal micriclimat in the ski boot, the leg does not overheat and is sufficiently protected against low temperatures.

Ergonomic design ERGO FIT adapts to individual shape of each leg by exact proportion of elastic material, ensures the sock to hold tide, it all makes the perfect fit. Modern anatomic consrtuction improves the
efficiency of socks.

Comfortable elastic band on the top holds the sock firmly/well on the leg due to its high extensibility. It ensures free and confident moving to muscles.

Shinbone is exposed to the maximum strain. With each curve the pressure changes from the largest to the smallest. G-FORCE's precisely placed enhanced protection has been developed on the basis of knowledge of the forces acting on the exposed areas of the tibia. The protection structure recovers energy, suports stability and performance.

Using a reinforced construction and durable materials in the sensitive area of the achilles tendon, we created a protection for one of the most vulnerable parts of the legs.

By use of modern sock manufacturing technology we have achieved exceptional comfort. To prevent unpleasant bumps we use an extra - flat seam design that greatly reduce the risk of finger pricking durin the intense performance.

Merino wool is lighter, finer and more comfortable to wear than common wool. The natural properties of MERINO do not compare to any other material. However, it retains the positive characteristics of conventional wool like fast absorption of moisture, breathebility and the ability to heat even in the wet state. In the summer it cools, warming in winter. Even with prolonged use it can prevent bacterial growth and prevent odors.

Kids socks must contain the best of socks for adults, while respecting the fact that they are born exactly by children. The fact is that child's body is not processing the thermoregulation as well as an adult, that is why we tend to dress children more warm. For kids and juniors, we thought about this specifics and used very comfortable TERRY textiles with raised uncut loops of thread coverin both surfaces, which created so-called air pockets and thus keep the foot of a small skier in pleasant warmth.

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