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Neoprene gloves and boots

Reinforced neoprene gloves, neoprene boots and beach shoes

Children's models. Beanies (bonnets) and socks.

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    Aropec 2mm neoprene socks Aropec's 2mm dive socks are perfect for those colder conditions where you need that added thermal retention where you're most prone to heat loss. Constructed from a 2mm super stretch neoprene the range of motion in your ankles and feet will be unimpeded so no energy will be unnecessarily wasted. The soles are made from an...

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    Gul Neoprene Wetsuit Repair Kit new from Gul this superb neoprene repair kit including the liquid neoprene adhesive, Black Witch. Regularly used in the industry Black Witch Adhesive is a quick drying neoprene adhesive especially formulated for use on neoprene to repair nicks, cuts, etc. Superb for those little repair jobs.

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    Ascan Neoprenhaube Hood Titan 3mm.Very flexible and warm Head cover from ASCAN Complete from 3mm titanium coated Smooth skin neoprene Available in 4 Sizes

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    Slippers Ascan Beach. 2 mm summer shoe with a thin, flexible sole for good barefoot feeling. Large toe reinforcement. Blind stitched seams, glued watertight.

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    ASCAN Jibe - 5mm strong Neoprene shoe with flexible sole & two Velcro fasteners, fortified toes.     5 mm strong    Large-scale toe support    Flexible sole    Blind stitch seams sewn and glued    Reliable protection against cold    High comfort    High quality components

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    5mm strong titanium coated Neoprene shoe with ultra-flexible special sole The ASCAN Superflex was specifically designed to grant its proud owner a maximum amount of flexibility.Its advantages include the eponymous, thin special sole which will get you to a new level of control and barefoot feeling at the same time.

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    Slippers Ascan BeachhopperVery valuable 1,5 mm Neoprene Beach shoes, Bath shoe super useful at the beach, water, pool, mudflats and surf activities. Protection against stones, sharp objects on the beach and in the water and UV protection in the hot sandy beach professional and good value for money Anti Anti-slip sole ! 1,5 mm NEOPRENE

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    The worldwide industry standard for permanent,maximum strength repairs to wet or dry suits and many other types of water sports products including inflatable’s etc.Flexible toluene free urethane formula waterproofs,seals and also protects against abrasion.Two conveniently sized 28g.tubes,perfect for carrrying with your SCUBA equipment for qucik and simple...

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    Wetsuit adhesive M2.Ideal For Wetsuit Repairs The new Black Witch "toluene free formula" is suitable for quick, (up to one hour) repairs Black Witch is also suitable for use on latex wrist and neck seals

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    Neoprene beanie 2mm sofa and soft neoprene with thermal lining, ideal for extra protection from moisture and cold. Made of high quality neoprene, it has a very good balance between quality and price.

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    The flex glove is a real flexibility superstar! A second skin that will also keep your hands warm and operating. The inner antiskid layer comes in very handy and allows for better grip which positively result to your on-water handling. The flex glove is made from 2mm (.08in) strong Neoprene and its nimble-fingered design adds to the overall cold...

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