Kite Liquid Force NV V9 15m2

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NV 15m2

The most visually apparent changes to the Liquid Force NV V9 this year is the squared wingtips added to the 3-strut medium to low aspect airframe. The NV sports a single setting fixed bridle that doesn’t use any pulleys to change the angle of attack and the wingtips offer three wingtip settings that allow you to adjust from less to more bar pressure, with the stock setting in the middle

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1 890 лв

-1 090 лв

2 980 лв

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All LF kites come with one of the quickest inflation systems, a large diameter inflation valve which requires a proprietary LF pump nozzle (the NV also has a standard 9mm valve if you lose the extra wide nozzle that comes with every kite and attaches to the standard pump hose). Overall the NV feels as if LF trimmed a bit of weight with overall lighter construction and this is reflected with its agile flight in the sky.

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