Liquid Force Nano Leash short

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Liquid Force Nano Leash short

Signal orange color. The Liquid Force NANO Short Leash is exactly what it sounds like; it's a short leash! 

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One of the wisest things that 95% of kiteboarders can do is to stop using long leashes and especially stop attaching the release end to the back of the harness!  There's only one reason to have a long leash attached to the back of your harness and that is, you are an expert rider who is doing unhooked tricks that involve "handle passes."   If that doesn't describe you and what you do on the water, get a short leash that is attached to the front of your harness.  That way, if something goes wrong and you need to access the leash's quick release, it will be handily right there in front of you and not behind your back.

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