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Zeeko Notus REV V11

We are proud to announce the release of the V11 Notus REV. This new version is focused on reactivity and power management.
For this version, we started from a blank sheet. After 4 generations of Notus REV optimizations and and thanks to our 20 years of kite design knowledge, we decided to start from a brand new shape.

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The improvements in terms of design could no longer go through a same shape.
The goal of this all-new design is to provide the kite even more versatile with an ideal and light bar pressure, immediate responsiveness, better gust handling, more power in low end and easier re-launch.
The kite is build with our XLW construction method (Extra Light Wind) while being even more reinforced on critical areas and being lighter.
Thanks to its new shape and new bridle, the kite reacts as quickly as possible while having an incredible behavior in the gusts. The Notus REV manages its own power thanks to an almost automatic wind window management, the depower stroke is shortened.
The low end of the Notus REV has been improved with a wider wind window which considerably improves the upwind ability of the Notus REV.
The new shape of the kite combined with a moderate aspect ratio significantly improves the relaunching.
The V11 Notus REV is suitable for a multitude of riders: beginners, experts, foil, strapless surf, twin tip, freestyle. Have only one kite for all your desires.
Hereafter this V11 Notus REV, we decided not to introduce a new product every year. Thus, a kite (or any other product) will no longer be in the catalog for a few months, but as long as we feel that it gives us complete satisfaction: No more planned obsolescence and your kite will keep a higher value on the second hand.
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