Used Kite Liquid Force P1 4.0m2


Used Liquid Force P1 4.0m2.

The P1 is bow-like and broad shouldered with swept back tips. Liquid Force fans will find this a welcome addition to the quiver that is essentially very easy to use and predictable in its handling.

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That being said, the P1 also packs impressive freeride performance, especially when it comes to hangtime! There are no gaps in the sheeting range and when you send it overhead and sheet in the take-off is smooth and doesn’t yank you unnervingly. Bags of hangtime give you great flight sensations and lots of time to not only get used to air time, but for advanced riders this is a wicked board-off machine. It’s a sky hook and is hard to oversteer and put in the wrong place. 

The P1’s ratio of boost versus hangtime is a little more geared towards hangtime. Where some more powerful and boost focused bow-shaped kites can really rip you off the water, the P1 is a little softer, which will suit lots of riders. This isn’t as direct as the Slingshot Rally, it’s closer to the Core XR in terms of its soft and clean feel, but where it differs to the XR is that the P1’s hangtime gearing is more dominant than its boost height. Where this helps of course is in your transitions, so there’s no need to send the kite hard for a transition, or be really accurate; just drift it overhead, sheet down and you have so much time in the air at an easy altitude to get comfortable and style out your airs when you’re changing direction. The soft input makes it easy to redirect the kite as you come back down and land with good, smooth forward momentum. The P1’s responsiveness also makes it a huge amount of fun to throw around in advanced hands. 


  • Build quality: 8
  • Full package: 8
  • Low end: 8.5
  • Top end: 7.5
  • Steering speed: 7
  • Turning circle: 5
  • Bar pressure: 6
  • Water relaunch: 7.5
  • Drift: 7
  • Boost: 7.5
  • Hang-time: 8.5
  • Unhooked: na
  • Cross-over: 6
  • Ease-of-use: 8
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