Hydrofoil HB Flow Foil Pack

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Hydrofoil Flow Foil Pack

It is a foil or wing under water used to lift the boat’s hull until it is totally outside the water.

The stabilizer increases the pitch control and the lateral stability, which make this foil ideal also for beginners.

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  • Lighter, Stiffer and supremely efficient the flow displays quite probably the best combination of glide and carve on the market today.
  • A truly versatile, modern, modular hydrofoil that not only blends but outshines the performance characteristics of both traditional low and high aspect ratio wings.
  • A complete foil system with 8 mast options (both carbon and aluminium), 5 front wings, 2 fuselage lengths and 2 stabilisers we can offer over 300 combinations to ensure that YOUR flow is perfectly adapted for YOUR needs.


  • A brand new technology, the MD Carbon foil features our carbon mast, carbon wing and carbon stabiliser combined with a CNC shaped 6061 aircraft grade aluminium fuselage.
  • Utilizing recycled Multi-direction carbon fibre matt built around a precision shaped, CNC cut, high density EPS foam core.
  • Both wing and stabiliser achieve un-rivalled weight and rigidity which when combined with our HM spread-tow carbon mast delivers a light and stiff foil.


  • Exceedingly low parasitic drag levels allow for gliding with even the smallest of swells.
  • Full rail Carve feeling made even more radical through the use of the 580cm fuselage.
  • Excellent low speed take-off with a progressive lift that won’t surprise you.
  • High Stall angle ideal for pumping and low speed manoeuvres.
  • Enhanced pitch stability increases rider confidence and ease of control over a range of speeds.


  • Extreme rigidity in the wing/fusleage connection makes the flow re-active and stable under foot.
  • Modular design allows over 300 different mast/fuselage/wing/stab combinations with the minimum of easy to loose, hard to understand adaptors.
  • Ultra-light composite wing technology using CNC cut EPS foam cores.
  • High-Modulus carbon masts combine light weight with both lateral and torsional stiffness.
  • Carbon or Aluminium masts with 8 lengths available.
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