Bar Zeeko Freeride Bar V2 Control System

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Zeeko Freeride Bar V2 Control System

  • Available in 46 and 54cm
  • Clamcleat depower system
  • Depower lines covered with pu tube
  • Easy to unknot lines

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Bar ends with EVA molded
The bar ends integrate molded and soft EVA. The comfort of the bar is improved and the bar ends will protect your board. The bar ends are super light and decrease the weight of the bar.
The bar ends are extended with PU tubes stiffening the back pre-lines.
The bar ends are equipped by an elastic rope holding the lines during storage.
The freeride bar is available in two sizes: 46cm and 54cm and the safety leash is supplied.
Wide and oval center hole
The center hole shape is designed to prevent the aging of the EVA skin due to the unhooked riding. 
Also, the hole diameter is wider. This new design allows to use a depower line and a safety line both covered by PU tube: The effect of the aging is minimal.
Also the oval hole allows to depower and turn the kite in the same time: perfect for beginners and waveriders.
Color coded EVA grip
The 3D eva grip is made with a non-slip design perfect for the unhooked tricks.
The bar is right and left color coded as well as a ‘no’ logo is located on the hidden side of the bar to prevent not to grab the bar on the wrong side.
High load quick release and rotary, molded finger locker
The inner mecansim of the molded chicken loop allows a steady releasing force regardless the load applied.
The head of the chicken loop can be rotated allowing endless frontloops and backloops.
The finger locker is molded and hold firmly the chicken loop to any harness hook.
During freestyle tricks, the finger locker can be rotated allowing an easier re-hooking to the harness?
High resistance and low elongation 20m + 4 m line length
The lines made by Cousin-Trestec are well know for their low elongation and are easy to untangle.
You can either ride with 20m+4m or 20m lines length (perfect for radical use in waves).
All the lines connexions are loop to loop connexion decreasing the drag of the line and preventing tangles specially when the bar is twisted after rotations. 
The end connectors are designed to avoid a mismatching of the kite/bar connexion and the back lines connectors allows to modifying the power of the kite with 3 different settings.
The front lines are connected with a low Y and the safety line is connected to one front line only.
Power managment by clamcleat
The Cleat bar uses a clam-cleat and rope for front line length adjustment instead of a pull-pull trim strap. Letting the cleat trim out increases the tension of the back lines and increases overall power. Pulling the cleat trim in decreases the backline tension for higher wind conditions.
The bar is designed with a clamcleat depower adjustement.
The handle is covered by a velcro holding the handle to  the clamcleat cover.
The depower system is supplied with a no friction ring preventing aging of the rope.
Freeride or Freestyle leash connexion
The chicken loop is supplied with a new way to connect the leash.
It allows to connect the leash either in suicide leash connexion (experts only, see right picture) either in full safety connexion(left pic below) without need to open it.
- Connect the leash to the small ring: full safety mode
- Connect the leash to the wide ring: suicide leash mode
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