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Kitesurfing & Wing

Kitesurfing boards, kites, wing and accessories

Wakeboard and Kiteboarding bags, fins, straps and bars. Wingfoil boards and wings.

Kitesurfing boards, kites, wing and accessories

Wakeboard and Kiteboarding bags, fins, straps and bars. Wingfoil boards and wings.


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    Gift Voucher - 50

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    Gift Voucher The vaucher has 6 months time limit. The value of the vaucher is not defined. It depends on the buyer. The vaucher can be paid in the store, or with bank account.

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    Wing HB SurfKite Guide The best materials alongside a refined design have been used for this authentic and unique strapless wing. Wing riding is very playful, gives you a feeling of total freedom and fun sensations. Sizes in m2: 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0

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    Wing Harness Line Vario Wing Harness Line Vario 26-34 Inch. Fixed mount. SKU: UF950040010

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    Inflatable Windsurf / Wing board  Unifiber Impulse The Impulse inflatable wing boards are designed for those who are beginning their wingfoiling journey.Ample width, generous volume and inflatable construction make these boards super comfortable and easy to start, and assist with take-off.The extra rocker on the nose makes for softer and safer...

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    MFC Helios Pro pack Following the development of the MFC HYDROS, the new MFC HELIOS is a Windsurfing & SUP modular hydrofoil, plug and play design, that allows interchangeable wings between both MFC foils.

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    KITE FIN kit Liquid Force, 4pcs Various sizes, set with screws.

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    inspiring confidence in all wave conditions Improvements this year include a refined bridle schematic that utilizes a flying line design to eliminate unwanted leading edge weight, in addition to increasing depower range which assists in situations ranging from getting over white water walls to scrubbing speed to stay in the critical section of the wave

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    Liquid Force WoW V3 6.0m2 Fine tweaks in the leading edge to trailing edge profile increased the pivot radius offering precise maneuverability.

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    Slingshot SST 6.0m2 The SST means surf, foiling, freeride freedom. Carve upwind for miles to find the best swell, slash harder than riders half your age, then dash downwind, swap your surfboard for a foil and do it all over again. The magic of the SST is in its amazing drift and responsive handling, even when depowered, sheeted out and drifting downwind....

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    Control Bar Mission Compact V2 The Mission Control bar utilizes a molded technology that reduces weight and unnecessary parts along with adding strength. The minimal design has exactly what you need and nothing more, making for an intuitive and easy to use system.

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    Replacement pigtails for a 4-line kite These pigtails connect to the bridle lines coming off the kite and allow you to hook up your flying lines. Always check kite pigtails for wear and tear. Up to 3 inches of line length adjustment and kook-proof attachment points.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 101 items