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Kitesurfing & Wing

Kitesurfing boards, kites, wing and accessories

Wakeboard and Kiteboarding bags, fins, straps and bars. Wingfoil boards and wings.

Kitesurfing boards, kites, wing and accessories

Wakeboard and Kiteboarding bags, fins, straps and bars. Wingfoil boards and wings.


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  • 999 лв 1 499 лв

    Kite DaSilva Vibe If the words Blind 319, Hintenberger Mobe 7, and F16 are part of your daily vocabulary, then our 3-strut VIBE is the freestyle/wakestyle machine you’ve been dreaming of. The hybrid C shape produces so much slack after unhooking, you’ll feel like you are passing the bar in slo-mo.

    999 лв 1 499 лв
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  • 1 099 лв 1 649 лв

    Kite DaSilva Twister Attention all free spirits who enjoy the simple things in life, yet want to experience it all! Let us introduce you to our multi-talented new-age kite, TWISTER. The 2-strut design and lightweight construction deliver so much low-end performance that you will want to go down a kite size or two!

    1 099 лв 1 649 лв
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  • 1 699 лв 2 799 лв

    Kite DaSilva Gravity Because not every day is a howler, the Gravity is your weapon of choice for battling light winds on water or snow. Our 4-strut system, open delta shape, and streamlined profile team up to deliver a surprising amount of power per square meter, while remaining stable in the air and simple to relaunch.

    1 699 лв 2 799 лв
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  • 950 лв 1 269 лв

    Kite board DaSilva Dark Shadow set with straps Freeride | TTRace | Lightwind No matter your experience level, the Dark Shadow board will make your boarding session an enjoyable one. This board’s design is made for speed, making this board a worthy contender for any race! The Dark Shadow is made with a single concave palownia wood core that provides...

    950 лв 1 269 лв
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  • 255 лв 290 лв

    Kite straps set DaSilva Link Footpads Ergonomic, pressure-cushioned EVA cushions will give you comfort and convenience. Molded foot bed and modern ergonomics with amazing grip and foot arch support to ensure a very secure and comfortable ride. Extra large screw holes make the attachment of  the foot pads onto the board very easy.

    255 лв 290 лв
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  • 289 лв 335 лв

    Kite straps set DaSilva Alpha This footstraps are super comfortable and are made for superior comfort. They offers precise positioning, fit and remarkable comfort while maintaining an excellent board feel. You can adjust the pad, thanks to the 2 supplied foot cushions.

    289 лв 335 лв
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  • 520 лв 890 лв

    Control System DaSilva Solid bar 4/5 lines The DaSilva Solid control bar made from carbon ensures the safety and comfort in use. It’s very easy to repair and replace all the parts or lines control bar and qr system. Simple and clean bar design with the most efficient and easy to use clam cleat trimming system.

    520 лв 890 лв
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  • 1 399 лв 1 499 лв

    Wing HB SurfKite Flair High end finition has always been in our DNA. The best materials alongside a refined design have been used for this authentic and unique strapless wing. Style and Solidity of the FLAIR will never stop enhancing your performance.

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  • 1 099 лв 2 499 лв

    Kite HB SurfKite Legion Specially designed for Strapless and Freeride, the Legion has an incredible capacity to depower on request. The kite offers an amazing drift on demand to the surf, as well as an excellent pop in freestyle when free-riding. The Exostructure is our ultimate construction in terms of durability, without compromising on weight. Thanks...

    1 099 лв 2 499 лв
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  • 799 лв 1 900 лв

    Kite Liquid Force Envy5.0m2. The Envy is an all-terrain efficiency engine, offering highly versatile, easy-access performance whether you want to shred the surf or lock into boots for wakestyle.3-strut kite design Stable Flight Ultra Stable Bridle System Fast Turns

    799 лв 1 900 лв
  • 999 лв 2 290 лв

    Liquid Force NV 7.0m2. Departures from the norm and outside of the box thinking are what bring strides in next generation product development. The challenge with this philosophy of thinking and development is to retain all the special characteristics

    999 лв 2 290 лв
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  • 869 лв 2 014 лв

    inspiring confidence in all wave conditions Improvements this year include a refined bridle schematic that utilizes a flying line design to eliminate unwanted leading edge weight, in addition to increasing depower range which assists in situations ranging from getting over white water walls to scrubbing speed to stay in the critical section of the wave

    869 лв 2 014 лв
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Showing 1 - 12 of 95 items