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  • Used kite Slingshot Rally 10.0m2 Set with bar, in good condition.

  • Used kite Liquid Force WoW V3 8m2 blue - 2018. Offering silky smooth sheet and go power delivery, exceptional maneuverability, and instant response.

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  • Used Kite Liquid Force WoW 7m2. The Wow is not just a surf oriented kite though. It’s stacked with freeriding traits, including stellar lift for big boost and long glide, pivotal looping for air transitions and gentle downloop landings, a small LE for banger upwind performance, and ultra responsiveness for fluid, carving turns

  • Used Kite Liquid Force WoW V2 5.0m2 in excellent condition. Additionally, all of these characteristics, coupled with the Wow’s graceful drift, make it a powerful choice for an enhanced and simplified foil boarding experience.

  • Kite Liquid Force Envy 2016 5.0. Only kite in very good condition, no bar and pump.

  • Used kite board LF EDGE 146 with straps in excellent condition

  • Control Bar Liquid Force Mission Compact. The Mission Control bar utilizes a molded technology that reduces weight and unnecessary parts along with adding strength. The minimal design has exactly what you need and nothing more, making for an intuitive and easy to use system.

  • Kite board Wainman Hawaii Cruzer 141 used excellent condition. Size: 141см х 42см Soft flex, light weight, medium rocker allround freestyle/freeride board   By popular demand, the new Cruzer is back in a lighter weight and perfectly refined version from its popular 1st generation predecessor.

  • Liquid Force NV V9 10.5m2. The boys at Liquid Force have been shaking things up lately and the new redesign on the NV reflects that never ending search for the perfect freeride/freestyle crossover kite that delivers all-around user-friendly handling that satisfies the performance requirements of big air and unhooked riders.

  • The most visually apparent changes to the Liquid Force NV V9 15m2 this year is the squared wingtips added to the 3-strut medium to low aspect airframe. The NV sports a single setting fixed bridle that doesn’t use any pulleys to change the angle of attack and the wingtips offer three wingtip settings that allow you to adjust from less to more bar pressure,...

  • “See? It’s a golf bag. That’s why it says “golf” on it.” OK, practice with us: Say that line ten times in a row. No, say it like you really believe it! While we can’t absolutely guarantee the LF Golf Bag will make airport fees go away, it won’t make them higher. Heavy duty handles and wheels. Size LENGTH(143CM) – WIDTH(36CM) – HEIGHT(25CM)

  • Board bag Liquid Force Coffin Roller Black. For twin tip rider on the move, the Coffin Bag fits two 148-cm boards, three kites, plus harness, bars, and accessories. PVC name tag, heavy duty handles and wheels come standard. Size LENGTH(148CM) – WIDTH(48CM) – HEIGHT(24CM)

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Showing 1 - 12 of 87 items