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  • 25 лв

    Liquid Force Cam Clamp Replacement color black, plastic.

    25 лв
  • 10 лв

    Neoprene Sunglasses Spec Saver Ascan make sure you never lose your sunglasses. Simply attach this strap

    10 лв
  • 15 лв

    Neoprene Spec saver for sunglasses GUL The Gul spec saver attaches to glasses to prevent them falling off and getting lost. The black neoprene fabric provides a comfortable fit around the back of the neck, finished by Gul branding giving a stylish and classic look

    15 лв
  • 2 049 лв

    LoftSails Waterman 1600 Allround Foil Those practicing multiple sports would appreciate Waterman's versatility. It is adapted to and augmented in performance to fit windfoil, wingfoil, supfoil and freefoiling disciplines. Early take-off results from the 1600 cm2 low aspect front wings.

    2 049 лв
  • 1 340 лв

    Wing LoftSails Wingnut For beginners and committed wing devotees, the Wingnut is an easy and versatile wing package to cover all conditions. The outline of the Wingnut gives it a moderate aspect ratio. Parallel tips help limit the wingspan in the bigger sizes resulting in better clearance over the surface of the water.

    1 340 лв
  • 29 лв 35 лв

    Roofrack pads. Weatherproof pads for firm protection and safe transportation of your gear to the beach. Tough WRP-fabric prevents slippage and tears to inner foam. Available in pairs, each pad’s 52 cm wide for a broad range of board styles.  - Windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding accessories

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    The worldwide industry standard for permanent,maximum strength repairs to wet or dry suits and many other types of water sports products including inflatable’s etc.Flexible toluene free urethane formula waterproofs,seals and also protects against abrasion.Two conveniently sized 28g.tubes,perfect for carrrying with your SCUBA equipment for qucik and simple...

    25 лв
  • 490 лв 590 лв

    Board Liquid Force Bliss 129 without straps Smooth and versatile, the Bliss brings the ultimate do-it-all board. Modeled after the tried-and-true Influence, the Bliss features a medium rocker profile and a re-engineered soft flex pattern, delivering powerful pop, a super-precise feel, cushy landings, stellar grip, efficient upwind projection, and bounce-...

    490 лв 590 лв
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  • 390 лв

    “See? It’s a golf bag. That’s why it says “golf” on it.” OK, practice with us: Say that line ten times in a row. No, say it like you really believe it! While we can’t absolutely guarantee the LF Golf Bag will make airport fees go away, it won’t make them higher. Heavy duty handles and wheels. Size LENGTH(143CM) – WIDTH(36CM) – HEIGHT(25CM)

    390 лв
  • 350 лв

    Harness Liquid Force Solo Everyone loves lightweight and easy to use. The Solo harness is just that. The Solo packs in a unique single piece EVA molded construction method that enhances comfort for all day riding, eliminating chafe and shreds water away rather than absorbing. Ultra-light weight Single Piece EVA Construction Cam Clamp Spreader Bar with...

    350 лв
  • 98 лв

    Anemometer mini with protector This anemometer is very small and light. It is an ideal tool for  windsurfing, sailing and kite flying. You can also use it for industrial and  home purposes such as measuring speed and temperature of CPU computer fans,  air-conditioners, airflow over the roof or walls

    98 лв
  • 50 лв

    Replacement pigtails for a 4-line kite These pigtails connect to the bridle lines coming off the kite and allow you to hook up your flying lines. Always check kite pigtails for wear and tear. Up to 11 inches of line length adjustment and kook-proof attachment points.

    50 лв
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