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HB SurfKite

The first brand entirely dedicated to Strapless, without compromising on the quality and performance of its products.

HB SURF is a French strapless brand created by Hervé Bouré, Multiple Kitesurf World Champion and Strapless Precursor

"We started with the first Strapless Boards of the market in 2011. Shortly after we came with a full range for every strapless rider (harness, bar, kite and other accessories). Since more than 1 year now, we launched our full range of Surfwing products: a wing, a board and a foil. As one can see, we say surfkite and not kitesurf. We say surfwing and not windsurf. Indeed, for us Surfing is what will always comes first. That is why we have 2 universe : HB SURFKITE & HB SURFWING. All of our products are designed to be light, strong, refined and favors the surf experience, no matter what. Because at the end, what we seek is the absolut freedom and the fusion with the elements". - HB SURF Team

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  • 1 499 лв

    Wing HB SurfKite Flair High end finition has always been in our DNA. The best materials alongside a refined design have been used for this authentic and unique strapless wing. Style and Solidity of the FLAIR will never stop enhancing your performance.

    1 499 лв
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    Hydrofoil Flow Foil Pack It is a foil or wing under water used to lift the boat’s hull until it is totally outside the water. The stabilizer increases the pitch control and the lateral stability, which make this foil ideal also for beginners.

  • 999 лв

    Wing HB SurfKite Guide The best materials alongside a refined design have been used for this authentic and unique strapless wing. Wing riding is very playful, gives you a feeling of total freedom and fun sensations. Sizes in m2: 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0

    999 лв
  • 2 699 лв

    Board HB SurfWing Quest The structure underneath the US foil box is set through the entire surface of the board. Indeed, the high density Armacell core is set under the skin from the bottom to the deck. This allow the structure to be ultra-resistant and enhance the responsiveness of the foil just underneath of it.

    2 699 лв
  • 1 069 лв

    HB SurfKite Legion Pilot Bar Your control system counts more than you think! It is the interface of your kite, it boosts performance and provides unmatched feeling. We worked in a demanding way, leaving nothing to chance, to the assembly as on the quality of the materials.

    1 069 лв
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    Kite HB SurfKite Legion II Intuitive sensation We have been very meticulous in the development of the LEGION II as we wanted to keep the features that participated in the LEGION effectiveness while bringing a optimized and lighter construction with a One Panel leading edge.

  • 69 лв

    HB Legacy Leash Our leash is developed to feel safe in solid conditions.• Long 7’-Diameter 7mm – HB-SurfKite Signature• Strapless specific – Deluxe padded neoprene strap• Smooth rotating Stainless swivel – High strength polyurethane cord• Key pocket – Color: Black and transparent

    69 лв
  • 1 499 лв

    Kite HB SurfKite Legion Specially designed for Strapless and Freeride, the Legion has an incredible capacity to depower on request. The kite offers an amazing drift on demand to the surf, as well as an excellent pop in freestyle when free-riding. The Exostructure is our ultimate construction in terms of durability, without compromising on weight. Thanks...

    1 499 лв
  • 565 лв

    HB Legacy 3D This technological innovation Breveté from Hervé Bouré takes into account the specific movements and forces of kitesurfing. The freedom is total, no matter where the kite is located in the window.

    565 лв
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