Used Harness ION X-Spine

120 Lv
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Engineered with curvy, contoured female anatomy in mind, extra-shapely design, minimally sized spreader bar, and lower-positioned lumbar support, delivers truly wonderful comfort and performance.

Size : XS-S
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Used Harness ION X-Spine

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Harness Liquid Force Solo - Ultra-light - 1

Harness Liquid Force Solo - Ultra-light

350 Lv

Harness Liquid Force Solo

Everyone loves lightweight and easy to use. The Solo harness is just that. The Solo packs in a unique single piece EVA molded construction method that enhances comfort for all day riding, eliminating chafe and shreds water away rather than absorbing.

  • Ultra-light weight
  • Single Piece EVA Construction
  • Cam Clamp Spreader Bar with Hold Down
  • Hook knife included
Harness hook 3D

Harness hook 3D

59 Lv

With this friction-less system, the kite is connected directly to the rotary axis, unlike the traditional kite hook. The freedom is total, no matter where the kite is located in the window. You can finally open your shoulders while surfing and get amplitude for freestyle!

The design is unique and minimalist, articulating around a flexible tendon and a hook taking into account the specific forces and movements of Strapless riding. It has ergonomic shapes for an effective system. The traction becomes uniform and fluid as a power steering.

Harness lines Ascan Vario 22-28 - 1

Harness lines Ascan Vario 22-28

69 Lv

Harness lines Ascan Vario 22"- 28"

The Ascan Vario harness line is a very high quality harness line with the best price-performance ratio. The abrasion-resistant hose prevents the harness from chafing through. It is easily adjustable from 22 to 28 inches, thanks to quick and easy Velcro adjustment.