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With the rest of the team it is now over 25 years that we live Windsurfing, everything we do, where we live, travel, work, etc is somehow connected to the sport and we are bringing that across through our products and company.Welcome ! Francisco Goya

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    Windsurf board Goya Air Pro Single Freestyle The thick square tail design is a blessing, it gives you more grip and confidence to enter your moves faster, its release and pop send you flying higher, and it provides a wonderful forgiveness in sliding maneuvers.The Air Pro comes with an all new MFC GE Freestyle fin that works seamlessly with this new boards.

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    Windsurf board Goya Proton Pro IV Race, slalom The Proton Pro is all about speed, power and flow. The new board comes in four sizes, 97, 112, 118 and 137 liters, each carefully tuned to its designated application and conditions.

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    WindFoil board Goya Airbolt Pro One board for all foil destinations, Wind, Wing and Sup. The 2022/23 Airbolt is the ultimate compact and easy foil board that seamlessly crosses over between the disciplines. The Airbolt marks a new direction in wind foiling, bringing the feeling of rail-to-rail wave sailing and high wind bump & jump to those ‘average’...

  • 2 690 лв

    Windsurf board Goya Volar 160L Freeride Considerably more affordable, by using a wood sandwich build around its cubed fused cell foam core, the Volar guarantees for supreme durability, making it a favorite with windsurfing centers around the world. The Volar features unidirectional glass reinforced rails for extra stiffness in surf conditions. High grade...

    2 690 лв
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    Front End Boom Complete Goya There is SDM to RDM adapter and all screws.

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    Goya Boom Grip Skinny Kit for tubes recovering allows you to restore by yourself old and tired grip protection of your boom tubes.

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    Fin insert - Windsurfing accessories Brass Nut12мм, 9мм

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    Mast RDM Goya Windsurfing 460cm 70% Carbon 70% Carbon. Value that’s a cut above. This mast delivers outstanding performance and durability at an affordable price. Having three years of heritage, the Seventy has proven itself well worthy to be part of the Goya brand legacy. Simply because 70% carbon is less than 90 % carbon doesn’t mean our more affordable...

    890 лв
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    Windsurf sail Goya Banzai Pro The Banzai Pro is the “go to” 4 batten worldwide wave sail for our top riders Marcilio Browne (PWA world champion) and Loick Lesauvage. The Banzai is the answer and solution to all demands of a light weight, direct power delivery, wide range sail with heaps of flex feel and control. The adaptability of the sail is unparalleled.

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    Windsurf sail Goya Fringe Pro Pure surf wave, and so very much more. The Fringe Pro is the most light-weight, smooth power delivering and effortless handling sail in the Goya wave range, and this is why it is Keith Teboul’s top pick, also a regular go to sail for Loick Lesauvage, as well as Jason Diffin’s personal favorite.

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    Windsurf sail Goya Guru X Pro Wave performance and also high wind comfort, confidence and control in any water condition. The vinyl window makes the Guru X Pro unique. It creates a very smooth and comfortable power delivery, as well as the most durable sail in our lineup. Vinyl is practically indestructible and will stay crystal clear for the life of the...

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    Windsurf sail Goya Bounce Pro Freestyle Massive lift and ease of rotation drive progressive freestyle maneuvers. And they also drive the Bounce Pro, project baby and go to freestyle sail of choice for our team riders Antoine Albert, Yarden Meir, Jehyu Lee and Rob Warwick.

Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items