Windsurfing and Kite rentals

Other than that specified periods are negotiable

Full range of windsurfing and kite rentals:

Equipment Time length
Kite set (board, kite, pump, bar, leash)2 days85BGN / day
Kite set (board, kite, pump, bar, leash)3-7 days60BGN / day
Kite board2 days45BGN / day
Kite board3-7 days35BGN / day
Windsurf set2 days45BGN / day
Windsurf set3-5 days37BGN / day
Windsurf set6+ days35BGN / day
Windsurf set1 month590BGN
Windsurf board only2 days35BGN / day
Windsurf board only3-5 days32BGN / day
Windsurf board only6+ days30BGN / day
Windsurf board only1 month450BGN
SUP (paddle, pump, leash)2 days39BGN / day
Rig (sail, mast, boom, extender)2 days35BGN / day
Rig (sail, mast, boom, extender)3-5 days32BGN / day
Rig (sail, mast, boom, extender)6+ days30BGN / day
Rig (sail, mast, boom, extender)1 month490BGN
Wing with board and foil2 days75BGN / day
Prices are in BGN, tax included. Other than that specified periods are negotiable. Due to deposit depending on the equipment and the duration of use, usually 500 - 1000 BGN.