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Windsurf board Exocet RS Slalom

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Windsurf board Exocet RS SlalomVolume: 68L, 80L, 90L, 100L, 111L, 122L, 134L, 149L

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RS 5.5

The new has a straighter outline and fairly thicker rail compare to the RS 5 version. A complimentary board in your quiver, the RS 5.5 is a dedicated board for high speed and control at all time. The new straighter outline offers top control in choppy and rough conditions, this kind of outline has been tested and proved to be extremely performing on the RS 2; 3 & 4.
The board bottom shape has a fair amount of VE and VE concave in the mast foot area, to help release and pointing ability when the wind get lighter or shifty.

The RS 5.5 with a width of 79 cm will be the light wind board choice for sailors in the range of 82 kg and will compliment perfectly the RS 3 and RS 1 or RS 2.

RS 6.5

Here the new light wind weapon, R&D has been made following all the feedback received from our team on the medium wind slalom and the newest formula board. The oultine and shape is similar to RS 5.5 but with a width of 85 cm sailors will get all the support needed to keep planing and get on the plane instantly.

Here also we have attach a great attention to board control and maximum release on the fin needed for light wind sailing, this why the VE shape is fairly important in the mast foot area to avoid rail catching and a perfect trim effortless.

The RS 6.5 will be the light wind board choice for sailors in the range of 90 kg+ and will compliment perfectly the RS 4 and RS 3 or RS 2.

  • DDSA: Double Density Shock Absorber
  • Carbon Construction: light and stiff for earlier planning and acceleration.
  • Unfinished paint: no extra weight.
  • Custom Made Biax Carbon

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