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Windsurfing boards

Exocet, Quatro, Lorch, F2 and Goya. SUP (paddle board).

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  • Used Windsurf board Goya Proton Pro 96 Perfect condition, Class A++ Race, slalom V-Bottom shapes on all sizes, a new comfort deck on all sizes, a size specific custom construction on each size, balancing stiffness and flex individually, a more compact shape on the 97 and the 118, as well as Power Pads on all sizes, allowing you to step into boost mode...

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    Windsurf board Goya Air Pro Single Freestyle The thick square tail design is a blessing, it gives you more grip and confidence to enter your moves faster, its release and pop send you flying higher, and it provides a wonderful forgiveness in sliding maneuvers.The Air Pro comes with an all new MFC GE Freestyle fin that works seamlessly with this new boards.

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    Windsurf board Goya Proton Pro IV Race, slalom The Proton Pro is all about speed, power and flow. The new board comes in four sizes, 97, 112, 118 and 137 liters, each carefully tuned to its designated application and conditions.

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    Windsurf board Quatro Pyramid Pro Mega fast, turny, grippy and drivey, the qualities that any progressive wave board must be measured by, are delivered in the most uncluttered of ways in the Pyramid Pro.”

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    Windsurf board Quatro Cube Pro Powerwave Quad Keith Teboul: “For the Cube Pro’s latest generation I worked on putting as much emphasis on early planing as possible, giving you every single bit of boost you might want at any moment. It’s like a turbo that’s constantly spooled up.

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    Inflatable Windsurf / Wing board  Unifiber Impulse The Impulse inflatable wing boards are designed for those who are beginning their wingfoiling journey.Ample width, generous volume and inflatable construction make these boards super comfortable and easy to start, and assist with take-off.The extra rocker on the nose makes for softer and safer...

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    WindFoil, SUPfoil, WingFoil Exocet FreeWing 6'2The brand new range of Wingsurf boards, Freewing, takes all the know-how of Exocet in terms of shape and foil board. Thus, the Freewing boards have been developed with the main objective of being easy to access, while being versatile and high performance. They will support you throughout your progression....

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    WindFoil, SUPfoil, WingFoil Zeeko AirWave Air Wave 6'2 V1 is a new generation of cross-over board. After a time of intensive testing, the AirWave will delight demanding riders; board without concessions, developed for a playful and fun practice Windfoil but also Supfoil and Wingfoil.

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    This patches are for heavy duty, permanent repairs that need to flex. Made of strong TPU tape, it won’t puncture or peel and is resistant to abrasions – making it ideal for patching up holes on vinyl furniture and inflatables. Offering maximum hold, the clear, waterproof tape forms an impermeable seal that flexes with the material.Stretches –...

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    Windsurf board Goya Volar 160L Freeride Considerably more affordable, by using a wood sandwich build around its cubed fused cell foam core, the Volar guarantees for supreme durability, making it a favorite with windsurfing centers around the world. The Volar features unidirectional glass reinforced rails for extra stiffness in surf conditions. High grade...

Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items