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Rope FSE Sirius 4мм

3 Lv
Availability: 503 In Stock

Rope FSE Sirius 4мм.

Among double braided Polyester ropes, Sirius 500 is known for its
high breaking loads and minimal stretch. For this classic rope
model, only premium quality Polyester is used as raw material.

Swimming cap Spokey Earcap blue 837423

19 Lv
Availability: 577 In Stock

Silicone cap Earcap blue 837423

Quality – made ​​of high quality 100% silicone for comfort to fit the head, increased resistance to chlorine is a guarantee of long use.

Specially shaped to provide ear protection


material: silicone
increased resistance to chlorine
specially shaped to provide ear protection
optimal fit to the shape of your head

Knee pad Spokey Mellow

26 Lv
Availability: 580 In Stock

Volleyball knee-pads Mellow

Volleyball knee pads for indoor use.

The elastic material ensures good fit, while the foam protects against injuries and grazes.


  • For recreational use
  • Indoor use


  • Material: polyester, polyetylene, PU, rubber

Swimming cap Spokey Earcap black 837422

19 Lv
Availability: 582 In Stock

Silicone cap

Quality – made ​​of high quality 100% silicone for comfort to fit the head, increased resistance to chlorine is a guarantee of long use.

Specially shaped to provide ear protection


  • material: silicone
  • increased resistance to chlorine
  • specially shaped to provide ear protection
  • optimal fit to the shape of your head
Snorkel & Fin Set Adult Taron - 1
  • -40 Lv

Snorkel & Fin Set Adult Taron

189 Lv 149 Lv -40 Lv
Availability: 98 In Stock

Snorkel & Fin Set GUL Adult Taron

Lightweight full foot fin, ideal for swimming and snorkelling (open-toe pocket), Snorkel keeper, Tempered glass lenses

Ski mask Bars windstopper

16 Lv
Availability: 208 In Stock

Ski mask windstopper

-100% Polyester Polar fleece with eglantine.
-A unisex quality with an adjustable string, one size fits most.
-This neck warmer is plain simple and traditional cut.

Swimming cap Spokey 84378

22 Lv
Availability: 587 In Stock

Swimming cap Spokey Torpedo 84378 black.

Provides waterproofness and hair protection. Good fit to the shape of the head.

  • 2 layers: silicone, fabric
  • Inner: fabric
  • Resistant to tearing
  • Ideally adjusts to the users head shape


39 Lv
Availability: 205 In Stock


The Liquid Force Kite Twintip Fin is 2-5 cm of smooth flowing, water gripping, pop generating fin to make your kiteboard function the way it should. The 5 cm fin is the largest fin that Liquid Force offers and it is the best fin size for light winds and heavy riders

Rashguard Aropec Radiance

89 Lv
Availability: 206 In Stock

Aropec Marvel Radiance

Long Sleeve Performance sun shirts protects against harmful UV rays with UPF 50+ sun protection blocking solar rays.

The breathable lycra t-shirt has a quick-drying property and can also be used on paddleboarding, kiteboarding and other water activities.

  • Fabric: Soft, resistant stretch fabric
  • Fit: Snug
  • UV Protection: UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Flatlock stitched construction for non-chafing wear
  • Suitable for all aquatic sports

Dry Bag Dry Case

19 Lv
Availability: 579 In Stock

Dry Bag Dry Case

Keeps your gear dry and protected from dirt, dust and will even float if you drop it over the side! Аffords protection and peace of mind for all watersports users

Nose clip Kerilia Transparent - 1
  • -2 Lv

Nose clip Kerilia Transparent

9 Lv 7 Lv -2 Lv
Availability: 587 In Stock

Nose clip Kerilia Transparent

  • Lightweight flexible frame
  • Improved frame shape fits the contour of the nose bridge
  • Soft TPR pads provide a tight fit
  • One size fits most
  • Care box included

GUL Xola Shorts UPF50

65 Lv
Availability: 97 In Stock

A superb UV shield giving you UPF 50+ sun protection. Constructed using durable and comfortable flatlock seam construction with 0.5mm neoprene knee pads. Made from 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex fabric allowing total flexibility and freedom of movement.

Ear plugs Spokey Scallop

8 Lv
Availability: 590 In Stock

Ear plugs Spokey Scallop.

This earplug has a 3 ring design which stops water from entering the ear. The larger rings prevents the earplug from being pushed in too far and the hollow stem transmits sound.

Wetsuit adhesive M2

22 Lv
Availability: 589 In Stock

Wetsuit adhesive M2.

  • Ideal For Wetsuit Repairs
  • The new Black Witch "toluene free formula" is suitable for quick, (up to one hour) repairs
  • Black Witch is also suitable for use on latex wrist and neck seals
Quick Jump Spokey Rope - 1
  • -6 Lv

Quick Jump Spokey Rope

19 Lv 13 Lv -6 Lv
Availability: 591 In Stock

Quick Jump Spokey Rope.

Materials – high quality, which increases the strength of the ropes.

Simplicity – a jump rope made ​​of simple materials: wood and rope

Ergonomic handles – specially contoured handles are in good hands.


  • slender silhouette
  • burn fat
  • build leg muscle

Wetsuit and vinyl adhesive Aquasure Mcnet

29 Lv
Availability: 202 In Stock

The worldwide industry standard for permanent,maximum strength repairs to wet or dry suits and many other types of water sports products including inflatable’s etc.Flexible toluene free urethane formula waterproofs,seals and also protects against abrasion.Two conveniently sized 28g.tubes,perfect for carrrying with your SCUBA equipment for qucik and simple use as and when the situation demands it

Neoprene saver for sunglasses Aropec

15 Lv
Availability: 587 In Stock

Neoprene saver for sunglasses Aropec

This spec saver attaches to glasses to prevent them falling off and getting lost. The neoprene fabric provides a comfortable fit around the back of the neck, finished by Aropec branding giving a stylish and classic look

Wakeboard and Water Ski Rope 15"

89 Lv
Availability: 203 In Stock

This wakeboard rope has a head turning 15in.

Squid patterned EVA-wrapped grip with a floating aluminum core. The 5/16 inch, 16 strand, UV treated low stretch rope has 3 sections for wakeboarding at 45, 55 or 65 feet (45, 10, 10). Full length finger guards help create a comfortable split finger grip. A Rope Keeper is included for tangle free storage.

Table tennis balls Spokey Special orange

9 Lv
Availability: 203 In Stock

Table tennis balls Special


We set high requirements for our equipment and therefore we make our best effort to make sure that only the highest quality materials are used for manufacturing it.


  • Weight: 2,65-2,94 g
  • Hardness: 0,40 mm
  • Diameter: 40 mm (+/- 0,4 mm)
  • Set: 6 pic
  • ***
  • Color: Orange
GUL Strapped Power Boots 5mm - 1
  • -10 Lv

GUL Strapped Power Boots 5mm

89 Lv 79 Lv -10 Lv
Availability: 99 In Stock

Designed using 4.5mm Dura-Flex neoprene and Titanium 2 lining

the Gul Strapped Power Boot is super warm yet flexible. The Velcro adjustable ankle straps give a secure fit, with reinforced heel and toe for durability.

Slippers Mosconi Freestyle

25 Lv
Availability: 54 In Stock

Mosconi Freestyle - green with blue flip flops

The cushioned topsole of this sturdy pair conforms to the foot for super comfort, while the polyester strappy webbing is durable, dries quickly, and helps keep them secure. This flip flop is suitable for party, sports, walking, indoor, outdoor, any occasion and casual.

A quality pair of flip flops that pleases both kids and parents, indeed.