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Bags, backpacks, purses.

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    Gift Voucher - 50

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    Gift Voucher The vaucher has 6 months time limit. The value of the vaucher is not defined. It depends on the buyer. The vaucher can be paid in the store, or with bank account.

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  • 79 лв

    Unifiber Keysafe Medium Store your car keys safely when on the water. The Keysafe can easily be secured to a tow bar or roof rack. Choose your own four-digit code and there's no more worrying about where to hide your keys. The stainless steel housing is virtually unbreakable. The compartment is large enough for car keys of most types.

    79 лв
  • 39 лв

    6 Litre Gul drybag in a cylindrical shape The viewing panel and tough waterproof materials make it ideal for a multiple uses, whether you are storing your soaking wetsuit or protecting your dry clothes. Snap shut dry fastenings allow the bag to be opened and closed watertight with ease.

    39 лв
  • 19 лв

    Dry Bag Dry Case Keeps your gear dry and protected from dirt, dust and will even float if you drop it over the side! Аffords protection and peace of mind for all watersports users

    19 лв
  • 55 лв

    Heavy Duty Dry Bag GUL 30L Hermetic Case perfect for keeping your kit enclosed in a wet or dry state depending on the stage of your adventure. The bags construction is based around tough PVC tarpaulin material with welded seams ensuring there is no water ingress inside or out.

    55 лв
  • 98 лв

    backpack GUL 50L The Bag is very easy to use. Simply insert the items you want to keep dry, remove as much air as possible from the bag, roll the top over at least 3 times, and close the snaps. The welded seams will ensure that water or other undesirable substances stay out. The detachable and multifunctional shoulder strap lets you carry the bag with you...

    98 лв
  • 59 лв

    Hermetic Dry Bag GUL 50L Shoulder straps allow you to comfortably carry your backpack around and snap shut dry fastenings mean the backpack can be opened and closed watertight with ease.

    59 лв
  • 35 лв

    5L Lightweight Dry Bag Keep your stuff dry with the DryBag. Whether you’re out and about on a rainy day or enjoying your holidays at the beach, the Bag will keep your clothing, electronics or other valuables safe and dry.

    35 лв
  • 49 лв

    The 15 Litre drybag has a sturdy construction in a cylindrical shape The viewing panel and tough waterproof materials make it ideal for a multiple of watersport uses, whether you are are storing your soaking wetsuit or protecting your dry clothes for later.

    49 лв
  • 37 лв

    GUL 4L Vapor Light Weight Dry Bag The 4 Litre Gul Lightweight Dry Bag is watertight with Roll down dry bag closure and additional flap over opening. Ideal for a multiple of water sport uses or traveling, keeping all contents within dry. This Hermetic Case can easily be stored away and squashed in to small spaces.

    37 лв
  • 25 лв

    Wallet Hannah Miser A practical unisex wallet, ideal for everyday carrying and travelling. Space for coins and credit and ID cards. The purse is extremely practical and convenient. It is made of very strong and durable material. There pocket for coins with zipper pocket for banknotes divider cards and transparent pocket for documents.

    25 лв
Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items