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Уиндсърф дъска Exocet U-Surf 76L


Уиндсърф дъска Exocet U-Surf 76L, перфектно състояние. Идеална за оншор условията на Гьокчеада, изключително здрава.

Дължина 230см
Широчина 57см
Обeм 76L

Материал Carbon, Wood

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Enjoy a classic wave riding style in anything from big hollow surf to small mushy waves. The U-Surf shatters the myths that only narrow boards turn.
An aggressive squash tail gives flawless release, for a purist's board with a distinctive appearance. Snappy and manoeuvrable, the wide tail holds a carve in any conditions the perfect balance point for a true surfboard feeling.

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